Analytics reimagined.


ibi’s analytics platform eliminates ambiguous decision-making.


Intelligence for all


We’ve built our analytics machine over 40 years and countless clients, constantly developing the most updated approach for the latest modern enterprise. Today, that means superior visualization, at-your-fingertips insights generation, and the ability to democratize access to data. The single-minded goal? To help you drive business results by enabling informed decision-making.

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Visualization & Reporting


A sophisticated data strategy only matters if the data that informs it is accessible. How exactly you see your data – its trends and patterns – determines how useful it can be. Empower your organization to make sound strategic decisions by employing real-time, customized, and self-service dashboards that bring that data to life.


You don’t need to rely on gut feelings or, worse, wallow in ambiguity. Exceptional visualization and reporting allows your entire enterprise to organize around the same information and grow.


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Augmented analytics, embedded in the platform, transforms users into data scientists, recommending insights and suggestions with the ease of a right click, a simple search, or a dynamic visualization. Adding AI to the mix – the platform learns from its human interactions – and guarantees that those recommendations are always improving.


The analytics IQ of your workforce will skyrocket, and they will spend less time to get to better decisions.


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Embedded Analytics


Embed analytics into your processes and applications with total flexibility – component by component or all together. For enterprises and OEMs, scaling to any number of end users, we offer the option to white label our platform. And we prioritize seamless use for all – no separate sign-ons, just one center of truth for all data.


Customized experiences let your team and customers share data broadly and use it most efficiently. You’ll unlock monetization opportunities that drive growth, diversify your revenue models, and improve your business – and your end-user’s life.


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Achieve limitless, fully customized distribution of your analytics – with no friction. To widely distribute dashboards and interactive reports, you choose how and when, and we automate the rest. End users, internal teams, and customers get everything they need while avoiding the hassle of software downloads, installations, or server connectivity.


Unlock better automated access for teams and collaborations with flexible deployment and scalability.


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Customers struggle to connect their BI tool natively to their existing data sources (e.g., mainframes). So they end up connected to a minimal set of sources, or circumvent the issue by creating standalone or offline servers, data marts, and files. These “band-aid” solutions create new problems, including a lack of real-time access, security issues, and gaps in governance.


We’re an open and ubiquitous framework. Use any BI tools you want; we’ll seamlessly connect them to your enterprise data sources and virtually any database, file format, or web service in real time. The result: serendipitous connectivity at your fingertips.



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