August 4, 2020

7 Things Every CMO Should Know About Running a Virtual Event

Carol McNerney

Topic:   News & Events

Last updated: February 2nd, 2021

Making the switch to virtual

I joined ibi in late January at our Sales Kickoff, and one of the very first meetings I attended was about the upcoming customer event Summit 2020.

ibi’s annual Summit was an epic in-person event that attracted passionate ibi customers, partners, prospects, and employees every year for the last 27 years.

This year, though, the popular event had to flip to virtual just weeks after my arrival.

It is not the same – but what is?

The virtual event is the new normal, and the transition to virtual started with really powering up all of the digital touch points that were going to shape everything from attendance to cost.

Here was my to-do list

  • Secure a virtual event platform and use this event to refresh our brand – including new positioning, new messaging, and a new logo
  • Create a new website to make the new messaging come to life
  • Prepare all of our speakers (customers, partners, and internal) on how to present virtually
  • Develop an app to navigate the event and engage customers, partners, prospects, and employees before and during the event
  • Get a slick and savvy high-tech PR agency

The good news – They came. They saw. They socialized.

A lot! The numbers are in from Virtual Summit 2020, and I wanted to share some of the lessons I have learned about Summit, and the real value of a virtual event.

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Carol McNerney is the CMO at ibi. Previously CMO at Savills, N.A., and SVP of Marketing at Pitney Bowes, Carol is expert at driving brand awareness, scaling a global demand-generation organization and mobilizing a community of passionate customers and partners. She also led marketing for Bloomberg’s Trading Solution Group and held several marketing positions at IBM.



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