December 17, 2020

ibi wins the 2020 Best Program ROI BAMMIE award

Carol McNerney

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ibi has won a Best Advocate Marketing Awards (BAMMIE) 2020 for Best Program Return on Investment (ROI.). The BAMMIEs were created to celebrate the relationship between businesses and their customer advocates in B2B marketing.

What is customer advocacy marketing?

There is growing value in customer advocacy marketing in the form of case studies, references, testimonials, video content, and more. Companies partner with their customers to validate their sales claims about their products or services.

The BAMMIE awards celebrate customer advocacy in all its forms across 14 business categories that “recognize creative excellence, innovation and results in B2B advocate marketing.” Some of the categories recognized included:

  • Best “Out-of-the-Box” Initiative
  • Best Advocate Impact on Product Development
  • Best Program ROI
  • Biggest Impact on Customer Experience
  • Best Use of Advocates at a Virtual Event
  • People’s Choice: Most Passionate Community

BAMMIEs are open to B2B companies of all sizes and markets. This year, ibi joined other big-name finalists including: Cisco, Sage, Greenway Health, ADP, Wiley, and Webroot.

ibi’s submission for customer advocacy marketing

ibi won the 2020 BAMMIE award in the category of Best Program ROI. The BAMMIE website describes the category as an advocate marketing program that moves customer advocates into action and that affects the business in a measurable way, such as:

The data speaks for itself: my ibi reached 50 percent of its year-end member goals within 15 days of its initial launch.

  • Improvements in brand perception or reach
  • Product quality and innovation
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Pipeline acceleration
  • Revenue

ibi’s submission highlighted its effort this year to impact the business with advocate marketing in several ways:

  • Increase customer user group attendance
  • Increase customer referrals
  • Grow the “myibi” user community
  • Drive customer education and engagement
  • Increase product learning and adoption
  • Increase ibi user community forums
  • Open a channel for customer feedback on ibi products

myibi launched this year and hit 50 percent of its membership goals in the first 15 days.

Of particular note was the 2020 launch of the new myibi online community. Despite the unexpected impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the website launched with resounding success:

  • User group attendance increased by 31 percent, driving a higher degree of engagement from the prior year
  • Customer Education Knowledge Share online education registrations are at 2,400, an increase of more than 60 percent in a year
  • Quarterly Learning Plan requests from customers increased by 60 percent, charting a path to customer upgrades
  • 2,597 acts of advocacy were tracked in community forum posts, an increase of 50 percent since the launch of the forum
  • Customer Education self-study registrations increased by 25 percent at the end of Q3
  • myibi provided a platform for engaging customers in new ways

In terms of customer advocacy, the return on investment (ROI) was outstanding. The myibi website was designed to facilitate four “E’s” in ibi customers: enablement, enjoyment, engagement, and education. The ROI tracked measurable outcomes in these four areas. The results included:

  • Customer-facing support and enablement staff can track account activity in real-time and follow up on what they observe
  • A wider variety of topics have been introduced in myibi than in legacy customer forums. This increase suggests that the myibi forums have improved peer-to-peer connections in its growing end-user community
  • It’s common to see 10 or more replies to a single post, which is an increase in engagement from ibi’s legacy tech forums

Winning a BAMMIE award this year is especially sweet; myibi has seen outstanding success in a year that has been challenging for our customers. The data speaks for itself: my ibi reached 50 percent of its year-end member goals within 15 days of its initial launch. Can we say award-winning ROI?

For more details, see this year’s BAMMIE Awards press release.

Carol McNerney is the CMO at ibi. Previously CMO at Savills, N.A., and SVP of Marketing at Pitney Bowes, Carol is expert at driving brand awareness, scaling a global demand-generation organization and mobilizing a community of passionate customers and partners. She also led marketing for Bloomberg’s Trading Solution Group and held several marketing positions at IBM.



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