April 15, 2020

Voice of the Customer: Why Leadership in the G2 Crowd Sourcing Report Is So Important

Chetan Chandavarkar

Topic:   News & Events

Last updated: July 28th, 2020

I recently joined Information Builders (IBI) as the new VP of Product Marketing and Market Intelligence. I am excited to be the newest member of an expanded marketing leadership team.

Why? IBI has a strong company-wide focus on its customers, with great products they love and depend on in their business. What’s even more compelling is that we are innovating to help customers solve their most pressing business challenges in getting the most value out of data. This is creating tremendous growth opportunities for our company, our partners, and our clients.

Another reason I am enthusiastic is that I really believe in the power of data and analytics. I have led analytics teams in the past and have embedded analytics models into organizations that produced great business benefits. The role of analytics and data management cannot be downplayed and is becoming more important as organizations focus on data transformation and gaining actionable insights that are aligned to strategic direction. And I wanted to be a part of a growing movement within a company focused on its customers.

Standing Out in the Crowd

On March 24, G2 released its Spring 2020 Crowd Sourcing report, naming Information Builders as a Leader in Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms, Self-Service BI, and overall BI software. The fact that a crowd-sourcing report rates IBI products so highly is another reason for me to be excited about joining this company. Obviously, vendors always want to come out on top and be rated well on industry reports, and for the most part, IBI does just that.

The thing that makes G2 ratings stand out, however, is that they are based on customer reviews. They reflect their experiences, how they perceive and use the product, and the benefits they are gaining by being an IBI customer. This level of insight helps vendors evaluate the benefits of BI offerings and gives companies a broader understanding of what to expect when evaluating analytics and BI software. What I’ve seen so far is that IBI puts its customers first and it is great to see that customers choosing to rate our products on G2 feel the same way.

The Bigger Picture

It is important to note that most analyst reports do things a little differently. Although customers are consulted and a subset of ratings are based on customer reviews, they are not solely focused on customer insights. There are benefits and challenges to this approach, as many analyst firms take into account competitive and market intelligence which provides broader insight into a vendor’s product direction and overall placement in the market.

What a customer-focused evaluation tool such as G2 provides, however, is a broader understanding of how organizations are applying technology and how their satisfaction levels compare to other like vendors in the market. Being leaders in three categories means that IBI has been rated highly by G2 users. The global team at IBI takes great pride in on our relationships and commitment to customers.

With all of the transition and move towards developing and delivering more innovative products, our commitment to our customers has not wavered. This is why our customer ratings on G2 are so important to us and continue to be as we expand our cloud and analytics offerings.