October 4, 2021

All Roads Lead to TIBCO: Where and How to Connect

Dan Ortolani

Topic:   News & Events

Since ibi became part of TIBCO earlier this year, TIBCO has been busy aligning business segments and resources to support our larger customer base and partner network. One of the top items on the post-acquisition to-do list has been to integrate TIBCO and ibi communication channels to provide a united message. TIBCO is pleased to announce that the work is now complete.

ibi’s primary customer engagement avenues will move to TIBCO this month. Taking this step means this will be the final post on the ibi blog. All information about ibi products will permanently integrate with TIBCO’s native offerings on the TIBCO blog and industry solution and product pages. The ibi social media channels will also be shutting down. This move will not only help integrate internal communication teams but also improve how TIBCO connects with its customers. You can continue to follow us via TIBCO’s social media channels.

The ibi Portfolio is Going Strong at TIBCO

Over the last four decades, ibi has been a pacesetter in technological evolution, enabling enterprises to gain value from their data. The ibi team consistently leveraged high-level expertise, forward thinking, and an unparalleled understanding of users’ wants and needs to deliver ground-breaking solutions that improve products, processes, applications, and portals through enterprise-trusted data.

As part of TIBCO, ibi products have continued to empower our users to integrate, analyze, and visualize data systems for better business outcomes.

ibi products have demonstrated remarkable growth under the TIBCO umbrella. TIBCO WebFOCUS®, for instance, has so far been updated twice, with each update delivering functionality and usability improvements that have added value to both long-standing and new accounts. The response from TIBCO customers has been outstanding, and WebFOCUS has quickly established itself as the data integration and intelligence solution of choice within TIBCO’s expanded community.

TIBCO Omni-HealthData® has also gained significant traction this year, providing more healthcare organizations with the data integration, management, and intelligence they need to gain a better view of their practices, partners, and patients. Meanwhile, Omni-Insurance™ has enabled more insurers to harmonize their data streams for better risk management, process optimization, and decision-making.

This exceptional performance demonstrates that ibi is integrating harmoniously with TIBCO, and the organization is well on its way to realizing the full value of the new relationship. That means it’s a great time to unite ibi and TIBCO online engagement platforms.

What Does This Move Mean for ibi Users?

The pandemic-induced economic downturn has highlighted the need for digital business transformation initiatives, particularly solutions that leverage enterprise data for valuable insights. The addition of ibi’s data management and analytics functionalities has made TIBCO’s Intelligence platform more comprehensive and better equipped to handle the evolving needs of TIBCO customers. With ibi’s portfolio, TIBCO has unlocked new ways of solving customers’ most complex and demanding data challenges.

Moving ibi’s communication channels to TIBCO will strengthen its message as the top-most solution for enterprise data integration, analytics, and visualization. TIBCO will be able to speak to a wider audience and present ibi products as part of the larger TIBCO portfolio.

Combining channel management teams also enables TIBCO to better address customer questions and concerns by giving them complete information about TIBCO-ibi solutions on one integrated platform. As a result, TIBCO will significantly improve customer service and achieve a faster go-to-market for future products.

What Can You Expect Going Forward?

By moving ibi engagement to TIBCO, the organization intends to communicate better with companies using native ibi products, TIBCO solutions, or both. If you have been following ibi blogs or interacting with ibi on social media, you can expect;

  • TIBCO-ibi content on the TIBCO blog: With ibi’s native blog shutting down, you can keep up with ibi product information and updates on the TIBCO blog.
  • TIBCO-ibi social media engagement on TIBCO channels: ibi’s native social media channels will be migrated over to TIBCO. The ibi social team will be a part of TIBCO’s engagement division. You can get information, updates, and answers about ibi products by getting in touch through TIBCO’s official social media platforms.
  • More engagement across the board: Integrating all customer-facing communication avenues into one means TIBCO will be busier connecting with you through blogs and social media activities. You can expect the content on the TIBCO blog and the level of TIBCO’s online social interactions to increase in the coming weeks.

If you have been following ibi through its blog and social media accounts, now is the time to get on board the TIBCO express. So, create a bookmark for the TIBCO blog and follow TIBCO social channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube for the next chapter of TIBCO’s journey.