May 16, 2016

Latest Award Shows Commitment to Customer Empowerment

Dan Ortolani

Here at Information Builders, we’re committed to three key words: intelligence, integration and integrity. But a fourth word is woven into our philosophy as a company and everything we do. Empowerment is at the root of all of the business intelligence, data, and analytics products and services we create. When customers and employees are empowered with the right data and information, they are put in the best position to succeed.

Our Worldwide Customer Services (WCS) department was recently recognized by the 2016 American Business Awards, winning a bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year – Computer Software. This award continues a trend for Information Builders’ support and customer service, our sixth total honor since 2015 in the support and customer service area.

WCS has maintained this steady string of recognition by committing to empowering Information Builders customers, giving them the tools, guidance, and resources to troubleshoot issues and spend more time innovating. This year’s Stevie award recognized the improvement of the WebFOCUS Data Discovery information center and  support website. The website arms customers with helpful videos and instructional information for troubleshooting and maximizing the potential of solutions.

Improving customer collaboration options was another key undertaking for the team last year. Focal Point, an online community for Information Builders product users, allows developers to create new discussions and seek out assistance, software configurations, installations, specific error messages, upgrades, formatting issues and more within existing posts. Run by WCS, Focal Point also aggregates newsletters, webcasts, and short tutorials to keep developers abreast of the latest Information Builders developments.

We’re extremely proud of the hard work and effort our support staffers and customer service employees have put in to shape to mold an empowered customer base. Customer satisfaction is as high as ever, with users accessing more resources than ever before. We truly believe that putting the correct information in the hands of these customers will allow their true talent and intelligence to shine. If you’re interested in learning more about Information Builders’ customer service offerings, read on.