November 10, 2020

Build before you buy: top reasons to give ibi Cloud a try

Doron Caspin

Topic:   Analytics

The reality of enterprise cloud adoption is not “if” but “when.” Gartner says the global public service cloud market will hit USD 266 billion this year. More than USD 1.3 trillion in IT spending will have a cloud component in the next two years. Forbes says 83 percent of enterprise workloads will shift to the cloud this year.

The Internet has been stable as an IT solution for more than a decade. Early adopters of cloud technologies list six key reasons to give cloud technology a try:

  • Scalability of data storage, seats, and computing power
  • Reduced IT operational overhead
  • Business continuity and disaster planning that allows you to access data remotely instead of from on-premise servers
  • Efficiency of collaboration for production environments
  • Flexibility for your workforce
  • Automatic security updates in the cloud

The cloud is no longer just an IT solution. Now more than ever, the cloud does dual duty as a platform for innovation as well, providing the environment in which to build and develop software applications.

Despite the proven advantages that cloud technology offers, many enterprise organizations have been slow to shift to the cloud, and that is understandable. Migrating to the cloud is a step not to be taken lightly, and choosing the wrong cloud provider or wrong solution can cause more problems than it solves.

To allay the concerns of the C-suite, many cloud providers offer a free trial of their data solution. However, most providers do not offer a fully functional version of their product as a free trial, leaving organizations with more questions than answers about whether the solution will really work as presented in real-world scenarios.

ibi approaches things differently.

ibi Cloud trial: a different way to build before you buy

Rather than offering a free trial of ibi Cloud with only limited functionality, we want you to take our solution for a real test drive. That’s why we offer a fully functional trial with no limitations and no additional tools to download.

So, what do you get with this fully functional version of ibi Cloud?

Our ibi Cloud data platform is intuitive and incredibly user-friendly. The ibi Cloud is the fastest and most efficient way to run our complete end-to-end data analytics platform. Unlike other vendors that started on-premises and have patched their systems to work in cloud environments, ibi is cloud-native. In our free trial, you will experience the full benefits of a production-driven environment, not a limited trial application.

The benefits include:

  • Speed and access to a full production environment
  • Full visibility into all activity, from audit trails to usage logs
  • Elasticity to scale up without big costs
  • The highest security in the AWS and Azure clouds
  • Instant connectivity to over 200 data sources
  • 24/7 dedicated support team with more than 40 awards for customer service excellence

How it works

Cloud-native technology

ibi Cloud is built on Kubernetes, the industry-standard open-source choice for containerized architectures. We offer a full knowledge base with videos on key features to make your transition to the cloud easier. What’s more, as part of our extensive catalog of cloud services, we offer migration services to boost the speed, performance, scalability, and security of your cloud adoption.

Deployment choices

Whether you leverage ibi Cloud managed services or self-manage in your private cloud, you’ll utilize the same cloud-native ibi components. ibi Kubernetes deployment for your DevOps pipeline allows you to streamline your app development and deployment with ibi components.

Flexible architecture

ibi Cloud delivers an industry-standard containerized deployment using Kubernetes, plus powerful tools such as Helm charts, ELK Stack, and Prometheus. Kubernetes simplifies set-up, upgrades, snapshots, scaling, high availability, security, and more.

How to get the most from your free trial

Rather than just kicking the tires when you sign up for your free trial, we suggest you use ibi’s award-winning technology to solve a genuine business problem you’re having. Think about a thorny issue you’ve been trying to solve that a data management platform could help you untangle, and put ibi Cloud to work on solving it.

Take advantage of the full functionality offered during your free trial to solve a real-life business problem, and have all the proof you need to make a business case to management when it’s time to show value for your test run of the software.

Talk with the ibi team about how to use your trial to upload files, build your dashboard, create reports, analyze the data, and share results with members of your team. Be sure to visit our support pages to watch short tutorial videos about a variety of ways to use the platform to full advantage.

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