October 9, 2020

2020 “i built it” contest winner announced

Eric Raab

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Last updated: February 2nd, 2021

ibi customers and partners are builders.

They build intelligent enterprise applications. They build innovative data architectures. They build connections to real-time data for a real-time difference.

ibi’s first annual “i built it” contest has proved just that. We received applications from customers and partners across various industries, showcasing how they use the power of ibi to make sense of their data.

The real purpose of the data – the business use case and desired outcome – is its use as the driving force for our users’ successes, so we were excited to see the submissions. Entrants captured and shared their applications built with ibi’s data and analytics software. We evaluated the submissions based on three criteria:

  • Applicability
  • Sophistication
  • Aesthetics

While we reviewed dozens of impressive entries, one stood out for its excellence in connecting data and surfacing its value. This year’s winner, Colorado State University’s Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness (IRPE) Interactive Public Portal, embodies the core attributes of a builder while providing a meaningful service to community partners through institutional outreach.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University Logo

Colorado State University’s (CSU) IRPE Interactive Public Portal is a service office for thed university community – primarily the executive leadership team. Continue reading for an overview of the application from Reena Khosla, senior BI/Data Warehouse developer analyst at CSU.

“It is our mission to support strategic planning activities and continuous quality improvement at the institution. Our office serves as the official reporting office for the institution. Data and analytics drive many university academic and student success initiatives, and data is crucial for many back-office administrative functions.

“The IRPE Interactive Portal, which was developed using WebFOCUS [ibi’s analytics platform], has given us the ability to serve our internal and external stakeholders in an efficient way. This has not only greatly reduced our ad hoc reporting load, but also provided our users with a transparent, readily available portal at their fingertips. The publicly available IRPE Interactive Portal includes analytics applications targeted to specific domains, such as student enrollment, degrees conferred, entering freshman characteristics, student credit hours, and student success.”

CSU Portal 1

“For example, the Student Success [application] allows administrators to study student success in terms of retention, graduation, attrition, and probation rates. In addition, it allows the visualization of predictors such as Math and Composition course completion rates and credits earned amongst first-year students. Users can see how students are persisting year to year – as well as monitor how long it takes for students to graduate – broken down by various filters and sorting variables, so the university can better allocate its resources. The Degrees [application] shows degrees conferred by year, gender, ethnicity, and degree category, sorted by college, gender, ethnicity, and other variables.

“These analytics applications work as “guided analytics” because users can filter the data simply by selecting variables from pull-down menus.”

Congratulations to Colorado State University and to all that submitted entries in ibi’s 2020 “i built it” Contest for your impressive work. As mentioned earlier, there were many award-worthy entries this year. We are calling out five of them as honorable mentions for their outstanding applications:

  • Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
  • Taylor University
  • Wyoming Department of Education

ibi looks forward to next year’s contest to see how our customers continue to evolve and derive increasing value from their data.

Eric Raab is the senior vice president of Engineering at ibi. With CTO and other senior engineering roles at high-growth tech companies including Epana Networks, Teleplace, Line 2, M5 Networks, Yodle, and LiveIntent, Eric has deep expertise in building and leading engineering and product organizations. He has had repeated success aligning business and technology objectives and accelerating innovation, from product concept to market.