February 28, 2017

Information Builders Recognized in 2016 STC TechComm Competition

Frances Gambino

As a business intelligence (BI) and analytics company, one of our foundational beliefs is that knowledge is power. By using BI tools to derive insights from troves of data, knowledge can be attained to help businesses grow, compete, and operate more effectively. But we’re also sensitive to the need for other kinds of knowledge, which is why we’re thrilled to have been recognized thrice by the Society for Technical Communication (STC) in its 2016-2017 Regional TechComm Competition.

The STC is the world’s largest and oldest professional association dedicated to technical communication, and it supports the development and dissemination of technical knowledge and skill-building content. This competition allows STC – through peer technical communicator assessments, which include user experience professionals and representatives from software organizations – to acknowledge materials of the instructional, support, promotional, or informational variety developed by organizations to effectively share knowledge with people who need it.

Information Builders was recognized with the following awards:

  • Award of Excellence: iWay Big Data Integrator Getting Started Lab – iWay Big Data Integrator (BDI) is our solution for simplifying the creation, management, and use of Hadoop-based data lakes. With such a powerful tool, technical understanding on the part of the user is critical, and this document was awarded the STC designation of Excellence, noting its focus on user support for guiding users through the setup and initial stages of using BDI
  • Award of Merit: The Performance Management Framework Learning Videos – The Performance Management Framework (PMF) enables the management of three critical elements of any performance execution cycle: Strategy, Metrics, and Action. Information Builders was commended by STC for this set of videos that engages viewers, and more effectively helps them build knowledge about PMF and its capabilities
  • Award of Merit: Using WebFOCUS Quick Data – WebFOCUS Quick Data allows data that has been prepared and aggregated to be loaded into a tool that has widespread use: Microsoft Excel. This extends Excel into WebFOCUS, providing an easy-to-use report generator and business analytics, metadata, and reporting capabilities for use in a variety of formats. Our Using WebFOCUS Quick Data entry received an Award of Merit for its execution of presenting technical essentials in a clear, easy-to-follow manner

Of course, these are only a fraction of the guides, videos, and other material we have to help people along the path to data-driven insight. Check out our resources page, or contact a representative to find out what Information Builders can do for your data.