November 3, 2020

Now debuting: WebFOCUS Designer self-study series, built on ibi’s passion for learning

Frances Gambino

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Last updated: February 11th, 2021

Learning has never been more valued in our business than it is today. Every company is a data company, and the people who help build with that data are critical resources. My team and I have led the charge to kick ibi’s eLearning program up a notch.

Our new WebFOCUS Designer eLearning series reflects ibi’s ongoing mission to create better builders who know – and master – the power of data and analytics.

Developing proficiency with WebFOCUS Designer is powerful. Self-paced learning is not new, but our goal of delivering a better learning experience started with our amazing customers.

We listened, reached out, sent surveys, conducted focus sessions, and ran trials. Based on our customers’ generous feedback, we applied their input to developing an empowering, interactive eLearning experience.

Here are just a few of many reasons to love the new WebFOCUS Designer eLearning series:

  • The series pricing is discounted* and includes an accreditation prep course plus exam
  • Modular, self-paced learning: on your time, your way
  • Interactive: quizzes, practice exercises, and challenges
  • Upgraded lab component: extended, AWS-enabled lab period to complete the course, practice, and explore
  • Real-time course forums: connect with ibi and the community of customers taking the same course at the same time

Try it out and let us know what you think. We’ll keep listening.

*The pricing for individual courses will not be discounted.

Frances Gambino is the vice president of Technical Knowledge Management at ibi. She drives the innovation and development of ibi’s knowledge-based, customer support services for our global customer base. These include Customer Education, Customer Enablement Services, Technical Content Management, and partnership responsibility for growing our myibi community. Frances holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Communications and a Master’s degree in Library & Information Science. Passionate about enabling success through knowledge-sharing, Frances also taught graduate technical communications and technology courses at New York’s Polytechnic Institute of Technology and continues to mentor students in technical career planning.

Build a better future.


We’ve launched our new WebFOCUS Designer eLearning series, a self-paced learning path that builds proficiency from getting started to accreditation. Discounted pricing is available in 4Q.


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