November 5, 2019

Creating Value in a Connected World with Actionable Analytics

The ibi Team

Topic:   Analytics

Last updated: July 28th, 2020

Analytics have the greatest impact on business performance when the insights they provide make it clear whether or not action should be taken. Actionable analytics deliver true value from information assets, which can benefit all stakeholders including partners, customers, and employees.

Analytics aligned with day-to-day activities and user experiences designed for deep exploration or fast answers lead to informed actions and confident decision-making. This, in turn, changes the culture of an organization by holding everyone accountable for making the kind of decisions that move the business forward.

What makes analytics actionable? It’s not enough to generate reports, charts, spreadsheets, graphs, and data visualizations. The information must be immediately comprehensible and the insight derived should make it clear whether or not action should be taken. Actionable analytics also vary by each individual and his or her abilities – data scientists and business analysts are trained to explore and discover trends and insights from large data sets and make recommendations based on their observations. But not every decision-maker is as data savvy.

How do you empower non-technical folks to make more informed decisions? By providing just the data that is relevant to them, and allowing them to analyze and understand it easily. There are a variety of creative ways to do this: embed analytics in a corporate application, create a simple interactive app, send an alert, or build a personalized infographic. The most actionable analytics are the most personalized to the decision-maker’s needs. They can make observations, get insights, and take action with confidence and ease.

Organizations that align business strategies with execution at every level of the organization maximize return on their data investments. To learn more on this topic, download our ebook, Using Data and Analytics to Enhance Operational Analytics at Scale, and find out how leading companies benefit from actionable analytics, and understand the key drivers of successful analytics strategies, including trusted data, broad scale adoption, and ease of use.