August 26, 2019

Customer Successes Highlight the Value of Embedded Analytics

The ibi Team

Topic:   Use Cases

Last updated: July 28th, 2020

Many organizations embed analytics into their solutions and workflows. When users can analyze and visualize enterprise data without toggling back and forth between an application and an analytics tool, they work more productively and make better, more informed decisions. Embedded analytics provides more than just convenience – it gives data context, making insights more relevant and valuable. Users can immediately react to business opportunities and challenges, achieve measurable performance results, and drive their business forward.

It’s worth noting that many of the best examples of embedded analytics come from software vendors who partner with us using an OEM arrangement to incorporate WebFOCUS and other Information Builders technologies into their own applications.

Here are some examples of companies that have successfully embedded WebFOCUS into existing applications and processes:

ROS Technology Services (Rosnet)


Rosnet offers SaaS-based restaurant management solutions to 150 major franchises in North America. Restaurant managers at these popular brands rely on Rosnet to improve efficiency, enhance the guest experience, and boost the bottom line. Rosnet is an OEM partner that embeds WebFOCUS to increase the value of their applications with high-quality analytics and reporting. Data is captured from point-of-sale, inventory, and employment systems, as well as applications that manage back-of-the-house functions. Restaurant clients can then exploit that data in the form of metrics related to efficiency and profitability.

CDS Global


CDS Global, a leading provider of outsourced business solutions for e-commerce, payment processing, marketing, order management, and fulfillment, created a SaaS-based environment with embedded analytics to provide clients with better service. Known as InFOCUS Circ+, the environment allows users to visualize circulation, fulfillment, and order management data. This clear view of business metrics improves critical operations and ensures success for the company’s customers.



iovation’s ReputationManager 360 is a powerful SaaS reputation and fraud management solution. As an OEM partner, the company embedded WebFOCUS capabilities directly into the application to empower clients to perform simple and complex queries using data from iovation’s knowledge base, which contains details about approximately 800 million physical devices used to conduct online transactions. Users can analyze previously unavailable intelligence about transaction details, evidence, and device histories, and thoroughly investigate suspicious website visitors. Global intelligence about devices, their relationships, and their reputations allows businesses to instantly authenticate good users, block fraud, and create the best possible online experience for customers.

Willis Towers Watson


Willis Towers Watson, a global multinational risk management, insurance brokerage, and advisory company, created a robust customer-facing portal with embedded analytics. The portal, known as BenefitView™, lets clients visualize information in an actionable way. Corporate benefit administrators can view data about retirees as they enroll in Medicare insurance. They can monitor enrollments, insurance plan selections, and service center metrics or track details about allocation amounts, funding information, and HRA spending. This helps them make better decisions that positively impact retiree welfare.

Boise Cascade


Boise Cascade, one of North America’s largest producers of wood products, embedded WebFOCUS InfoApps and dashboards into its web-based customer portal. This allows customers to examine information about building projects, design specifications, and material lists. Internal analysts can also use the portal to track the tens of millions of dollars in rebates the company pays out each year, while managers can monitor many aspects of Boise’s manufacturing, distribution, and sales operations, including profitability breakdowns for any product, customer, or region.

Check out these and other success stories, to learn more about the advantages of embedded analytics, and to discover why Information Builders is the ideal platform for incorporating robust analytic functionality into any solution or process.