January 19, 2021

Data on the front lines: Ready Computing

The ibi Team

Topic:   Industry Focus

Data on the Front Lines is an interview series with innovative healthcare leaders which explores the strategic role of data in healthcare transformation, how to create a data-driven culture, and leading with an enterprise data strategy that simplifies the complexity of the healthcare data value chain.

Chris Banks, ibi’s senior director of Business Intelligence and Analytics, sat down with Mike LaRocca, founder and CEO of Ready Computing, to discuss the rapid pace of change within healthcare and the accelerated role of data in transforming the clinician and patient experience and care delivery.

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Q. What is the impact of the changes happening within healthcare today?

A. I think the impact is quite profound. The basis of all these innovations and the changes that we’ve seen starts with the data. Healthcare has benefited from all the work [the industry has] done to make data usable and actionable. If you think about how we’ve improved as an industry in collecting the data, improving the quality of that data, understanding how to normalize it both structurally and semantically, and making it available through standard APIs like FHIR, HL7, and IHE, now more than ever the data platform and data analytics services that sit on top of those platforms are really providing value to the industry.

I am a believer that if you make IT strategic, it will do strategic things for you.” Mike LaRocca, Founder & CEO, Ready Computing

Q. Where do you see the role for data and analytics in healthcare?

A. It’s empowering people on the front lines. When you have a patient in front of you and you are trying to help that patient through something, the more access to data you have the more effective and efficient you can be in prescribing the right treatment plan and following up with that patient to ensure the treatment plan is actually working.

The data is really central to the workflow. Without well-heeled, curated data, I think it’s actually almost impossible to do the job you set out to do. Having the right data platform and the data analytics on top of that platform is key.

Q. Where do you see the biggest value coming from the innovations in analytics and BI today?

A. It’s a good question. I think the industry, in general, is moving toward a more personalized experience for the patient. And I feel like all the work we’ve done in building better data sets, more usable data sets, really helps support that.

That’s really the focus of where this is all going. I think it all started with making sure the right data was available to the right people at the right time and helping them really improve the overall patient experience.

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