September 27, 2019

Making the Case for Embedded Analytics

The IBI Team

Topic:   Analytics

Many business users struggle to obtain timely, accurate insights from the applications they rely on daily, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. They often find themselves toggling back and forth between an application and an analytics tool, which wastes time, distracts them from the task at hand, limits the information sources they can draw from, and prevents them from analyzing data in context of their current activity. Furthermore, many analytics tools are too complex for casual users. 

Embedding a comprehensive analytics platform directly into an application addresses these and other challenges, allowing business users to better perform their jobs by:

  • Making analytics accessible from directly within the environment that users are already working
  • Allowing application data to be combined with data from other sources, for a broader picture of a problem or issue
  • Giving users the ability to interact with data in a variety of ways – alerts, charts, graphs, reports, analytical apps, and more

Our new eBook, Making a Case for Embedded Analytics, shares new ways to empower your users to analyze and interact with data, and glean the intelligence they need to make better decisions – without leaving the application they’re already using.  Benefits like higher user adoption, increased convenience, and greater information consistency are also highlighted, with real-world success stories demonstrating how companies like CDS Global and Sparta Systems achieve real value through embedded analytics.