October 1, 2018

The New WebFOCUS: Boosting Adoption With Function and Ease of Use

The IBI Team

Topic:   Analytics

We are at an interesting stage in the evolution of the business intelligence (BI) and analytics market. A few years ago, self-service analytical tools like Tableau hit the mainstream, providing business users with a whole new agility to explore their data for efficiencies and opportunity. More traditional governed BI content such as pre-configured charts, reports, dashboards, and information applications were pushed to the side, even tagged as obsolete by some of the industry analysts.

In my view, governed BI is still the cornerstone of data-driven business, and much of it is still sourced by IT and BI specialists. What organizations really need is the best of both worlds, combining fundamental BI with more agile self-service analytics. That is easier said than done.

There are a couple of self-service challenges that need to be eliminated in order to reach BI and analytics utopia: data silos and bad data. Silos are created by departments or work groups that create their own analytics content: uploading spreadsheets, preparing their own data, and sharing their charts and visualizations. Bad data can be easily introduced into a work group by an individual who defines a new measure (e.g., a ratio or a calculation) and makes a typo or error in the formula. That measure may work its way into multiple analytical views, and decisions are then made on erroneous insights. That is a real problem.

An environment which combines BI and analytics within a governed framework is absolutely essential. Industry analysts are realizing this is the case, and appear supportive of BI and analytical platforms that deliver business intelligence, and self-service governed insights to all user types.

The new WebFOCUS easily combines traditional governed BI with business-led agile analytics. It delivers a broad range of reports, dashboards, documents, and applications, while empowering business users to create their own data visualizations and infographics. This unified platform combines these functions, in one place, securely, at scale, in the cloud or on premises.

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Everyone within and associated with your business can benefit from data and insights that are meaningful to them, that provide a single source of the truth. The higher the adoption of credible insight-driven business, the better the business.

Take a look at “10 Reasons to Love the New WebFOCUS” for more information.

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