May 17, 2013

TowerGroup and Customers Discuss Next-Gen Retail Banking

Jon M Deutsch

Retail banking has changed dramatically in recent years. Not too long ago, most customer interactions took place in a bank’s branch office. Conversations were conducted face-to-face. Today, the bulk of these interactions are online or mobile – but devoid of the financial insight, relevant advice and service to which consumers and small business have grown accustomed. Enter Customer-Facing Analytics, offering the opportunity to transform these online, mobile and even disconnected experiences into meaningful, and satisfying relationships with the bank — specifically customized for their targeted needs.

Customer-Facing Analytics – the notion of giving banking customers the ability to see and analyze their financial information in real-time and on demand – can help banks tailor conversations and offerings for each individual consumer and small business.  The net result is improved customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty.

To delve into the issues and opportunities around Customer-Facing Analytics further, we are hosting a special webinar event next week:  Please join us on May 22 at 12:00pm ET for our presentation on, “Customer-Facing Analytics in Retail Banking.” I’ll be joined by speakers from CEB TowerGroup, Bridgewater Bank, and CECA Bank for a discussion of the benefits of Customer-Facing Analytics, and the prerequisites for success.   

We will explore market and industry trends that have shaped the new reality in banking, review one bank’s journey to deploying a successful banking app to its customers, and discuss the other bank’s roadmap and implementation plans for a customer app. All angles and perspectives will be covered. Customer-Facing Analytics is changing the game in retail banking and we will show you how to kick-start your own initiatives.

Registration details for the webcast can be found here.

I hope you’ll join us for what promises to be an interesting and informative session!