February 25, 2020

7 Must-Listen Podcasts for Credit Union Execs

Jon M. Deutsch

Topic:   Data

Last updated: July 28th, 2020

Staying current is crucial for credit union leaders who want to thrive, but it’s no easy task.

As Jon Deutsch, vice president and global head of Financial Services at Information Builders (IBI), explains: “What’s true about analytics is true about everything in business – the speed of change requires constant learning.”

Here are seven podcasts worth checking out, whatever your reason for tuning in.

If You Want News From a Trusted Industry Source…

Listen to: “The Changing Role of the CFO” with Brandon Smith

Almost four years into its podcast operation, the Credit Union National Association continues to offer an informative and eclectic range of experts and topics, from risk management to generational differences in the workplace. New shows aimed squarely at industry insiders drop weekly, but there’s an impressive archive worth exploring too.

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If You Prefer a Lighter Approach…

Listen to: “Culture of Caring” with Adrian Johnson, SVP, CFO

As with the CUNA News podcasts, CUInsight offers in-depth interviews with leaders of institutions from around the country. The host is CUInsight CEO Randy Smith, and he does an admirable job of teasing out relevant information while keeping the tone light and entertaining.

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If You Crave Inspiration…

Listen to: “Open Your Eyes: The Three Myths that Hold Credit Unions Back”

Host Cameron Madill brings a financial marketing background to this sometimes quirky but regularly thought-provoking podcast. Each interview of a credit union leader is sure to “challenge your preconceptions about business as usual.”

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If You Seek Transformation…

Listen to: “Fintech Partnership Success: How to Properly Leverage Fintech Providers”

From the National Association of Federally Insured Credit Unions, The CU Lab focuses on innovation – with a special emphasis on technology. Would-be change agents hear from credit union thought leaders on fintech, security, fraud prevention, and more.

The CU Lab

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If Finance Is Your Focus…

Listen to: “Embracing the Age of Mobile Finance” with John Orton, CFO, Amplify Credit Union

With 569 episodes and counting, it might seem as if there aren’t many CFOs host Jack Sweeney has yet to interview. Every guest shares their story, tips, and creative solutions for rising to the top of companies such as Eventbrite, Cornerstone OnDemand, and Salesforce.

CFO THought Leader

If You Want a Broader Perspective…

Listen to: “Success Secrets From the Super Bowl Champs’ CFO”

Although FM is published by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, this weekly podcast offers listeners in-depth conversations with stars across the financial firmament. Climate change, Brexit, the dark web, AI – no subject is off limits if there are learnings for finance professionals to be gleaned.

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If You Want a Weekly Economic Briefing…

Listen to: “Is Sustainable Finance the Next Big Commercial Opportunity?”

Various experts from the Wall Street firm examine recent events and how they’re likely to shape U.S. markets and the global economy. Episode lengths hover around 30 minutes, so you can easily fit each weekly overview into a morning commute or lunch hour.

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