April 20, 2016

Earth Day Assessment: How Can BI and Analytics Reduce Your Footprint?

Jon M Deutsch

Today is Earth Day, and people across the globe are using the occasion to do something positive for our planet. This unofficial holiday is an opportunity to invest in our environment, and a reminder that we make impactful decisions daily. By harnessing the power of Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics, all companies can gain better insight into the processes, performance and resource allocation, to make informed decisions that are both cost effective and environmentally conscious. 

Information Builders is focused on helping our customers improve those insights and ROI with better BI and analytics, but we also take great pride in increasing productivity and reducing waste. Information Builders’ next-gen interactive e-statements are a great example of how advanced BI and reporting tools are helping our financial services customers drastically reduce paper consumption.

Traditional “old school” e-statements are stagnant, unintelligible on mobile devices, and offer very little benefit over paper, which hampers adoption. Information Builders breaks the mold by offering e-statement options that are interactive, and personalized for each user. These interactive e-statements operate seamlessly on any browser and mobile device – no additional development work is required – and are accessible on mobile devices when an internet connection isn’t available. No matter where you go, these interactive e-statements go with you.

In addition to being mobile, interactive e-statements also offer functions that traditional statements can’t touch. They provide “in-document analysis” like search, visualization, filtering, sorting and ranking for an unlimited number of users. Because this interaction is self-contained within the browser, system performance is optimized and core systems are not burdened. All e-statements are password protected, and data is encrypted to ensure security.  

Many of our customers – including MasterCard, Global Payments, and Elavon – have improved customer service and reduced waste with interactive e-statements. This Earth Day, Information Builders encourages you to take a step back and think about how your company can streamline processes and reduce its “environmental footprint.” Interactive e-statements are a powerful example of how advanced BI, analytics, and reporting tools can help. 

For more on how In-Document Analytics is changing the game, register today for our May 4 Innovation Session webcast with Rado Kotorov.