May 3, 2018

Gaining Valuable Insights for Asset Management

Jon M Deutsch

Portfolio management, as we all can agree, is a complex process that relies on extensive research both pre- and post-trade to generate hidden alpha for investors. This requires enormous amounts of data integration while maintaining high fidelity constantly throughout the process to accurately measure portfolio composition, performance, risk and adhering to portfolio mandates and compliance.  To simplify this complex process and provide accelerated time to production implementation, Information Builders partnered with Capital Markets’ experts, Kuberre Systems, to create the new Accelerator for Asset Management: Portfolio Outlook

This powerful new accelerator provides executives, asset managers, pensions and hedge funds with pre-built metrics and analysis to monitor asset portfolio composition, risk, and return by a number of factors such as sector and region – with comprehensive built-in security analytics. Incorporated within the dashboard are easy-to read interactive charts to show holdings by asset type, holdings by industry, and more. In addition, the portfolio data can be explored through Information Builders’ powerful InfoApp™ enabling non-technical users to create their own charts, dashboards and tabular reports. Now, users have complete control to build reports in a top down, step-by-step process, filtered with only the data points desired. With the Accelerator for Asset Management: Portfolio Outlook, the need for manual and error-prone Excel-based processes has been eliminated.

This Accelerator gives organizations enhanced visibility into client activity, investments, and opportunities, with tools to measure and compare portfolios against benchmarks, other portfolios or select key performance indicators. Additional tools in the Accelerator allow for users to see assets under management (AUM) by location, percentage of total AUM, and the return over a period of time, allowing for re-allocation to maximize return. In total, Information Builders is equipping the asset management industry with the ability to more easily understand its data and maximize its return on investment, while simplifying reporting, analytics and actionable insight.

To learn more about the Accelerator for Asset Management: Portfolio Outlook, and to gain access to a free trial, visit our website. For other industry Accelerator solutions, please visit our product page.