June 24, 2020

Announcing ibi Open Visualizations!

The ibi Team

Topic:   News & Events

Last updated: January 13th, 2021

In our blog about our Summit 2020 Product Innovations, we introduced our new product ibi Open Visualizations. ibi Open Visualizations connects other third-party visualization tools to any data source, file format, and application in a curated, secure, real-time, and trusted manner. We shamelessly compared this to an SNL skit – and showed our age!

This single connection is through the ibi Open Data Platform (what you know today as the WebFOCUS Reporting Server), so this is how you get all of the capabilities and benefits outlined below:

Access all your data

With ibi Open Visualizations, you can access a variety of enterprise data sources, file formats, APIs, cloud, and applications. ibi provides access to more than a hundred of these sources, all using native interfaces – including mainframe data sources. At Summit, you’ll see a demo of this new product using third-party visualization tools to access mainframe VSAM data in visualizations. What visualization tools can access mainframe sources? Well we can, but now we can enable other products to do so as well. And we access all of this data in real time!

Single metadata layer

Some people’s eyes roll when we mention metadata (yeah, we’re geeks), but this is important. For those WebFOCUS users, think about all that metadata you have built up over the years. Leveraging that with third-party tools is a huge benefit, which we’ve heard from customers.

Security and governance

Our ibi platform provides a single point of control for security and governance to each of these data sources for authentication and authorization. Also, you can monitor usage on what data assets are being used, by whom, and how often. Does this mean the end of the wild, wild west?

Federated analytics

Not only can you access all of these data sources, but you can also make all of the different sources appear as one data federation! Users can query multiple databases for instance and join these sources on the high-performance, scalable ibi Open Data Platform.

If you’re attending Summit, don’t miss the session about ibi Open Visualization and see the demo in the Pavilion bro (inside joke for those who know bro).