January 7, 2019

Ventana Research Places Information Builders at the Top

Lyndsay Wise

Topic:   News & Events

Last updated: August 10th, 2020

Words From the Wise

Ventana Research released its comprehensive 2019 Analytics and Business Intelligence Value Index study, analyzing the market and evaluating 15 leading analytics and business intelligence (BI) vendors against both technical and business requirements. This market research spans the spectrum of analytics, BI trends, and requirements while extending beyond traditional capabilities to include data preparation, big data analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing.

Information Builders rated first overall with highest ratings for capability and manageability. According to Ventana Research, we offer one of the most comprehensive sets of capabilities within the assessment and excel in data integration and customization. These ratings are vital in assisting organizations that are looking to align their data and analytics strategy, enhance their analytics applications and environments, and create the best possible insight-driven organization to drive business performance.

Additionally, in 2019, Information Builders stands poised to address the weaknesses identified in the report:

  • More support for collaboration – A new and improved product roadmap takes into account user experience and how teams work together
  • Overall financial growth – Focus on growth through restructuring and alignment across the organization will enable innovation and increase market share, while improving overall company and product brand recognition

Understanding the Importance of Ventana’s Research

At the same time, it is important to understand that most software evaluations are subjective. When I was an analyst, I struggled with balancing objective evaluations with the reality that apples-to-apples comparisons are almost impossible to create. Each solution has different strengths and use cases. And different organizations will evaluate the market according to their needs – both business and technical.

What lends additional credibility to Ventana’s overall research is their acknowledgement of these differences. The ability to leverage the Value Index as a starting point and guide to help understand vendor strengths and weaknesses is important when organizations look to align their business goals with their analytics strategy. By design, this report can help support a more strategic approach to analytics adoption.

Where the Market Is Headed

Additionally, Ventana Research identifies some key trends that dovetail with Information Builders’ growth and focus:

  • The growth of machine learning (ML) and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into solutions will make it easier for organizations to leverage advanced analytics. Ventana Research shows that 62 percent of respondents are using ML today and that 96 percent of respondents have plans to leverage the technology in the future
  • The shift towards self-service data preparation will ensure that business users can develop their own analytics by balancing flexible access to data prep tools with governed data access and controlled design. At the same time, only 42 percent of respondents are comfortable with business users accessing data that is not touched by IT. Overall, there still needs to be a balance between self-service data prep access and trusted data for valid and accurate insights
  • Expansion of embedded analytics. Ventana Research projects that by 2021, more than half of analytics projects will be delivered through embedded analytics. Information Builders has always focused on embedded analytics, but now organizations are maturing their use cases and looking at embedded options more broadly. Organizations can expand beyond internal applications, look at customer-facing deployments, data monetization, and broader OEM partnerships creating added value to embedded analytics initiatives

The Ventana Research Analytics and Business Intelligence Value Index helps highlight, not only our positioning against competitors, but also the fact that we are focused and committed to delivering solutions aligned with technology trends, while continuing to excel at providing breadth and depth of product capabilities and support for delivery.