March 14, 2017

Ask the Experts Series: What Is the WebFOCUS Portal?

Melissa Treier

In our last “Ask the Experts” video, we gave the definition of business intelligence portals and described their importance. Today, we’ll go a step further and answer the question: What is the WebFOCUS Portal? For starters, it’s so much more than just a dashboard. 

This easy-to-use content management and deployment system provides a true self-service environment that optimizes BI consumption for business users. It offers a full suite of web development tools that delivers a rich, interactive BI experience to any user, anywhere.

The WebFOCUS Portal has a number of key features including:

  • A familiar and intuitive ribbon-based interface that simplifies and accelerates portal design
  • A new coordinated portal engine which allows BI content to be mashed up in an ad hoc fashion, with individual components linked via global variables for joint interaction and filtering, so end users can gain insights for multiple sources, and update content or replace components in complex apps on the fly without IT intervention
  • Page-level security, which reduces the number of portals to be managed by allowing pages to be hidden from unauthorized groups/users, while dramatically simplifying daily upkeep in SaaS environments

If you need a portal that allows for unique tailoring to suit the professional branding needs of your end users, look no further than the WebFOCUS Portal. Learn more about it in this “Ask the Experts” video