February 14, 2017

Ask the Experts Series: Why Information Builders Leads the Way in External Facing BI and Analytics

Melissa Treier

Time and again, organizations of all sizes in virtually every industry turn to Information Builders for better data and better analytics. Our game-changing solutions allow them to find insights and answers allowing them to make critical business decisions – daily. In turn, they become more competitive and more profitable.

But what is it that sets us apart? In short, it’s our platform. We’re problem solvers at heart and our award-winning technology enables users to access any data in real-time and to check the quality of that data. In addition, our customers become market differentiators in their own right thanks to the accurate, consistent data they deliver to their stakeholders in the application that suits them best.

To learn more about our platform, be sure to view this “Ask the Experts” video. In addition, get to know us a little more and let us turn your data into business value.