April 13, 2021

CACP Award of Excellence winner announced

Tara Myshrall

Topic:   Analytics

The 2020 CACP Award of Excellence for Combating Organized Crime was given to the Integrated Proceeds of Crime (IPOC) Unit of Division C of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Criminal Investigations Division of Revenue Canada’s Quebec region.

ibi, a TIBCO company, sponsors this award, which the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) gives to law enforcement units that have had a significant impact on the operations of organized criminals. Award winners are chosen by an Evaluation Committee based on their ingenuity, efficiency, and overall impact on ending organized crime and improving the quality of life for those impacted by it.

Giving an award
Pictured from left to right: Superintendent Chris Renwick (Co-chair of the CACP-OCC), Sergeant François-Olivier Myette (RCMP-Montreal), David Cavanagh, Regional Director (CRA-Montreal Region), Chief Superintendent Claude Castonguay (Co-chair of the CACP-OCC).


This year’s award winners completed a multi-year investigation into a vast money-laundering network. The investigation resulted in the arrest of 17 individuals and the seizure of USD2.2 million worth of drugs while laying the groundwork for many other arrests and investigations tied to a vast organized crime conspiracy.

The police agencies being honoured dealt a major blow to organized crime, and they relied on innovative tactics to do it. Data and analytics proved instrumental to the investigation as forensic accountants worked to unwind the money laundering scheme and identify those involved. This kind of high-powered, data-driven policing is becoming increasingly common, and it illustrates why ibi sponsors the CACP Award of Excellence.

Delivering on the promise of data-driven policing

Ibi became a partner of the CACP because the organization believes strongly in the potential of data-driven policing. Done right, it can uncover clandestine criminal conspiracies (such as the one outlined above), which are highly sophisticated, extremely well-hidden, and a direct affront to law and order. Data-guided policing can change the face of law enforcement.

For many law enforcement agencies, lack of data isn’t the problem: the challenge is using it effectively. Often, data doesn’t translate into arrests because it lives in multiple disconnected databases. Police already have tremendous insights available (with case-breaking implications) but first, they need to integrate data sources to start connecting all the dots. Law enforcement agencies need the ability to access data across multiple agencies and jurisdictions, both on a national and global level.

They also need a powerful analytics platform to make those connections wherever they exist, especially where they aren’t obvious. Without both a unified view across data sources  and robust analytics capabilities, data-driven policing doesn’t result in safer streets and more criminals in custody.

Police have the data (and sources) they need, along with the willingness to experiment with new approaches. All that’s missing is the technology to translate data into a real law enforcement asset.

That’s where ibi, a TIBCO company, can and does help. Through our partnership with the CACP and through other outreach efforts, we’re learning what today’s law enforcement community wants, needs, and struggles with in terms of data. Then, we’re applying those perspectives to the data management and analytics tools we build. Our goal is to create tools that are ideal – as opposed to merely appropriate – for data-driven policing.

Learn more about this year’s CACP Award of Excellence Winners here. These organizations are doing innovative and impressive work that others will want to emulate. When you’re ready to explore what data can do for your department, request a demo.

About the author: Tara Myshrall, Public Sector Manager, ibi, a TIBCO company tmyshral@tibco.com

Tara Myshrall is an experienced Account Executive for the public sector and over the past 10 years, Tara has built a community of practice for organizations in healthcare, law enforcement, and municipalities by understanding and focusing on the needs and objectives of public organizations.

Prior to joining ibi, Tara was a Channel Account Executive and National Channel Trainer at DELL. Tara’s emphasis was on channel engagement to ensure that the channels targeted and met objectives.

Tara makes time to give back to her community –Writing a column “compelled to change ” in the Toronto Caribbean newspaper, participating as a board member for Basket brigade Canada, ensuring the community has food for holidays and during the pandemic.