April 2, 2012

Q&A with Michael Corcoran, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer

Terri White

Last updated: July 28th, 2020

I sat down with Michael Corcoran, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Information Builders, for a little Q&A on what’s behind the  integrated messaging that was unveiled recently on Information Builders’ website.

TW: So how do you feel about triangles?

MC: In geometry, I am not such a fan!  But with three integrated product lines that work together and support each other: Business Intelligence, Integration, and Data Integrity, we needed an elegant way to tell that story. The triangle visually brought them together – it just works.

TW: Tell me more about the “three I’s” and the importance of product unity.

MC: When customers begin to realize our overall value, they’re not centered on one particular product feature. Their satisfaction comes from our whole offering. That covers the products as well as the people. We feel very strongly about this.

Individually our product lines solve important business challenges. When we put them together, we provide the highest value solutions in the industry for revenue generation, quality of customer care, operations and financial management, risk management, and fraud prevention.

The integrated messaging – Intelligence, Integration and Integrity – gives us an opportunity to break away from competitors and differentiates our value proposition to customers. We’re trying to bring the product lines closer together and build on them to be more competitive in more situations. Through that consolidation, we can also offer solve more challenges and help our customers to drive innovation.

TW: How does iWay Software fit in the picture?

MC: As you can see on our redesigned website, we have brought iWay into the fold to present our offerings more holistically to prospects, customers and the marketplace.

iWay provides Integration and Integrity. With the explosion of social and mobile, there is more data coming from more places than ever before. iWay solutions help our customers to easily access these information assets to support key operational and analytical needs, and ensures the data is secure, accurate, and complete.

There is significant business advantage to using iWay. Think about a complex mobile project that requires a transactional app with real-time updates to a number of systems. iWay can greatly simplify this process and  accelerate time to market. Another example concerns data quality. How can you tell if marketing campaigns are misfiring because of bad or incomplete data? Also, in just about every industry, having a 360-degrees view of customers, patients, citizens, and products customer is more critical than ever, which our Master Data Management products can facilitate. These are just a few scenarios.

TW: How can WebFOCUS customers take advantage of iWay?

MC: Just like business intelligence thrives on good, high-quality data, our WebFOCUS platform can be enhanced through our iWay Integration and Integrity solutions. At the highest level, iWay simplifies the complexity of accessing disparate data sources. A WebFOCUS user can easily take advantage of the capability for a faster, more cost effective BI solution, whether it’s providing self-service analytics to customers or dashboards on mobile devices – any BI initiative that requires access to more than one data source.

TW: What would you say is Information Builders’ sweet spot?
MC: The heart of this company is and always will be the power of information. WebFOCUS is our flagship BI product and has distinct advantages over other BI products because customers don’t have to work with multiple vendors and products to achieve their goals. We can help solve any complex information problem or capitalize on any information opportunity through a unified product stack. There’s really nothing we can’t do efficiently and effectively.

As much as we’re a BI company, we’re also very much an integration and data integrity company. Master data management, data quality, and integration affect a lot more than just BI, and we find ourselves being called upon in a wide variety of situations to help organizations improve operational performance.

Again, look at the triangle. We have three core competencies to cover all information needs – from data inception to information quality and delivery.

TW: What’s the response been so far?

MC: Everyone in the company has rallied around the new messaging – it actually makes us work a lot smarter. The analysts get it, too. Once again,  Garter positioned us as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms. Information is power and we are uniquely positioned to help organizations transform raw information – from multiple, disparate sources– into measurable business value. No other vendor has the breadth and depth of solutions that we do.

We are really excited about our annual Summit meeting in June it’s an opportunity to show our product roadmap and vision to customers and educate them on all that we have to help them succeed. By delivering the right mix of technology and services, we create customers who stay with us – their success is our success.