June 30, 2020

ibi’s Brand New Day, and Data as a Crystal Ball

Terri White

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Last updated: February 2nd, 2021

None of us has a crystal ball, but we have data.

And at ibi, we have a platform to help you get to the data insights that set you up for the future.

“The ability to integrate into the unanticipated is what our platform provides. It means you can be agile.”

That’s how our CEO Frank Vella put it in a recent interview with CRN on the heels of ibi Virtual Summit, which wrapped last week. This theme ran throughout the 2020 Virtual Summit: we help you prepare for the future.

We believe that data is the key – the lifeblood of organizations. When you start with data, everything else flows. When you start with data, you can figure out any problem and adapt to any situation. You’ve got a foundation for innovation, so you can adopt new technologies thoughtfully, to create value.

Summit showcased the potential of data in many ways. Customers demonstrated their innovative applications, such as Sound Credit Union and City of Brampton, Ontario, who both built reporting and analytics to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 for their members and citizens. These applications surely were not on their roadmaps six months ago. Our customer panel conversation during the Keynote celebrated the work of three customers from three different industries: Lipari Foods, The Healthcare Collaborative, and Young Life. All of them selected ibi because of the end-to-end data and analytics platform and the flexibility that it affords.

The ability to integrate into the unanticipated is what our platform provides. It means you can be agile.”

  • Joe Beydoun, VP Technology at Lipari Foods, described how he was able to transform rows and columns of data into a visual data map of the company’s warehouse. “We built a map of the warehouse so we can see what’s happening in near real time, using data. We push this information to everyone in the organization, from the sales executive to the rep on the street, on their mobile.”
  • Alex Vaillancourt, CIO, and SVP, Informatics, The Health Collaborative, sees data quality as a critical factor. “We have a lot of data, and we have to make sense of it and turn it into something meaningful. Having it all within a single ibi platform has allowed us to answer queries right down to individual customers within particular hospitals.”
  • Adam Dewberry, director of Mission Analytics and Decision Support at not-for-profit Young Life, commented on how the ibi platform is helping to drive adoption. “We’ve changed how we collect and use statistics. Now there’s a common dashboard; we bring data into the daily lives of our staff.”

In all, around 30 customers from a variety of industries – healthcare, credit unions, banking, insurance, government, law enforcement, manufacturing, retail, and not-for-profit – shared their data stories at Summit. We are honored by their participation and excited by the great applications they are building.

Building Better, Together

Partners wowed us with their homage to good data, too. The Pavilion boasted solutions that complement ibi technology – from cloud and robotic process automation to data lineage, location intelligence, and address verification. And there were plenty of experts on hand to solve the toughest challenges with services designed to future-proof implementations and help our customers succeed.

Infinite Learning – Lifetime Learning

We are always learning. In fact, the appetite to continually learn is the greatest competitive advantage in life, both individually and as an organization. Some might say it’s the whole point of the journey. We have more data than ever before, but it’s not advancing us if we can’t use it effectively.

That’s where Summit really stands out. As a virtual event, it delivers the best educational experience for our customers – and it’s the gift that keeps on giving for one year!

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