June 14, 2016

Summit 2016: Opening Keynote

Terri White

Greetings from sunny Summit 2016! 

If you can’t watch the live stream on IBTV, follow along here for near real-time updates of today’s keynote session starting at 8:45AM. All times in PDT. 

8:36 AM: The music is playing and folks are starting to fill this gorgeous Grand Theater. 

8:44 AM: Who is this fantastic band??? 

8:54 AM: It’s Tommy Tutone! Now singing the pop hit 867-5309. Once you hear it, it’s in your head forever. 🙂

Now we’re all singing. We’re warmed up and ready for the main event – the keynote session.

9:00 AM: Here comes President and CEO Gerry Cohen to warmly welcome customers. Lots of first-time Summit attendees in audience.

9:01 AM: An unfortunately-timed case of laryngitis prevented Gerry Cohen from delivering his anticipated annual oratory at this year’s Summit conference.

“I’m going to go look for my voice,” he remarked, opening the door for a literal parade of product enthusiasm, starting with CMO Michael Corcoran.

9:05 AM: Michael says he warned Gerry about late-night karaoke. 🙂

He welcomes valued partners and esteemed industry analysts to the event. 

9:06 AM: Michael reinforces our focus on the 3i platform and technology stack. You will hear about new iWay products that will dramatically shorten timeframes for big data implementations.

And on WebFOCUS side, it’s not just about pretty pictures. It’s about solving your complex business problems.

9:08 AM: It all starts with the Data.  Michael welcomes Jermey Ballanco, VP iWay Products to the stage.  

Data is complex. It’s not simple. Dealing with demands to deliver all the new complex data at record pace. To do BI well, we need good data. But (shows slide and stat from Ventana Research) data is never “good”. The top capability is to “extract information from sources across the enterprise”.  The core systems that run your business also need good consistent data. 

9:12 AM: Preparing and fixing data. Integration should be seen as foundation of a house. Build solid strong foundation and can build high – sky’s the limit. Look at data management as ongoing discipline. A way of life. Look at data as asset and manage it like an asset.

BI needs good data and one of the worst things you can do is roll out a great looking application with incorrect data.

Last year we release our Omni-Gen for MDM to drastically reduce time for MDM projects.  We are proving that you can do this in 3 – 4 month not 12 – 18 months. 

We continue to innovate. 

Jeremy happily announcing iWay Big Data Integrator (BDI). Simplified modern native Hadoop integration. 

9:15 AM: We can now offer start to finish processing around your Data Lake – Data ingestion, transformation, cleansing/filtering and finally the presentation. 

Hadoop world pushing envelope. Use cases are beyond what we imagined a few years ago. Streaming both structured and unstructured data and applying inline predictive analytics so we can look for actionable insights.  Think about all the machine generated data this could be applied to. 

Data is a hot space. We are going to continue to innovate as a vendor to make your lives as easy as possible.

Michael back on stage. 

9:20 AM: Talking about how we restructured WebFOCUS platform into 3 editions. Business User Edition – tool geared to help people start to visualize and analyze data. Reporting is still important!  BUE provides all the top requirements for BI according to Dresner 2016 Wisdom of Crowds Study: reporting, dashboards, end-user self-service, visualization, data discovery. It’s a workgroup product. Better for data consistency and accuracy than a bunch of disparate silos.

Application Edition – here you can start to develop InfoApps for folks that shouldn’t be using tools.  More capabilities for app development and delivery. Now we can get to operationalize our insights.

And finally the Enterprise edition – here’s where you can scale BI applications to the largest populations of users, inside and outside the firewall.  

That’s what we call Self-Service Bi and Analytics for Everyone.

9:30 AM Michael brings VP Product Management Kevin Quinn to the stage for a quick demo. He shows the crowd how easy WebFOCUS BUE is to install and get started.

He uploads a spreadsheet and BUE automatically generates over 40 charts and graphs based on the spreadsheet with metadata. It’s all editable and customizable…gives you a great head start.

Michael says, Is there anything easier than that? The audience applauds with approval.

Kevin also shows off some cool mobile responsiveness (during which he got a call on his phone). Michael quipped that it was Gerry telling him to speed it up J

He went on to show:

·       New BI Portal features that allow end users to create and customize dashboards

·       More powerful data preparation and metadata options

·       Enlargement of visual library- charts, maps, options

·       Simplified Mobile deployment

·       Extensive new ESRI Mapping capabilities.

·       Data exploration with new Auto-link and Auto-Drill abilities.

Suffice it to say –  A LOT of very cool features that customers are going to enjoy.