June 24, 2020

Virtually Summit: A Fresh Look, a Renewed Mission, a Global Community

Terri White

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Last updated: July 28th, 2020

Right about now I’m usually at the Solutions Pavilion or Social lounge chatting it up with my colleagues and ibi customers, freezing in the AC, and relaxing after a full day of sessions and keynotes. Instead I’m home alone, like many of you, with my glass of wine and laptop, relaxing after a full day of sessions and keynotes. It’s the same but different!

Today was our first Virtual Summit ever. We miss being face-to-face for sure, but we had our share of silver linings. We reached more people and customers globally and we will continue to reach them “on demand’ after the conference ends tomorrow evening. We loved seeing everyone interact on the platform and on our mobile app – the photos of the dogs and cats of Summit bowled us over.

But down to business. It was a big day for Information Builders. We unveiled a new ibi – a fresh look and feel that honors our rich heritage and faces the future with open arms and a renewed mission and sense of purpose. As our CEO, Frank Vella, said in his inspiring keynote from his NYC apartment, our mission is to help all organizations become builders – information builders that build, embed, and automate intelligence into everything they do.

Here are some of the other keynote highlights:

ibi Solves for the Entire Problem

“We’re here to help you to solve data challenges and to help you to harvest insights from trusted data,” Frank explained. He shared how ibi will help organizations to access, manage and distribute data. How our unified platform natively accesses specific data: aggregating, cleaning and prepping that data, so that organizations can address what Gartner calls the ‘crisis in trust in information.’

ibi is Open

Frank committed ibi to going beyond what it has done for customers over the past 45 years by adopting an Open Data approach to help customers to easily share projects by leveraging open source, Kubernetes and Prometheus. Moreover, in a game-changing move, we announced ibi Open Visualizations, which Keith Kohl, ibi SVP Product Management, talks about here. As Frank says, “This is truly open. Many of you told us that you had already invested in other visualization tools. Our Open Visualization allows you to use what you already have, while using ibi to connect to hundreds of other data sources.”

ibi Makes AI for Everyone

ibi is adding automation tools that make it simple enough for everyone to use them. We’re making our tools smarter, by adding artificial intelligence and machine learning natively, as a cloud service, so you can access insights quicker, without being a data analyst.

Keith Kohl and Eric Raab, SVP Engineering, unveiled ibi’s new Automated Insights, which makes use of AI and ML to give all users a faster, easier way to discover insights on their data, without needing to become data scientists. This will help to deliver on ibi’s mission to make information pervasive and actionable, without users even being aware that they are using analytics. It’s like being gifted extra intelligence. Pretty cool, right?

ibi is All About That Cloud

Evolving the company’s cloud-first strategy, Frank shared ibi’s plan to build a managed services organization that provides customers with a multi-tenant cloud offering and seamless onboarding to data services in the cloud. Virtually every area of customer support has been extended to support ibi’s growing cloud customer base. We are working with AWS and Microsoft Azure to improve the private cloud experience. “We are ready to support you on every step of that journey,” Frank asserted.

ibi is Unified

The ibi Open Data platform will bring together data access and discovery, data management, data preparation and BI and analytics for ONE experience centered on a common web application and repository. It helps organizations manage, embed, and share from their data effortlessly. It unifies data management technologies with a modern application for authoring, running, and sharing applications and projects, setup components for ease of configuration and maintenance, repository, and security.

Our future is so unified we should be wearing onesies.

ibi is Community

One of the most popular announcements at Summit came from long-time ibi’er and customer service exec Dan Ortolani, SVP Worldwide Customer Support Services. He launched myibi, a new customer community platform which allows customers and partners to share with their peers and to learn from each other’s best practice. myibi provides a forum for customers to learn, collaborate and discuss their data challenges. Dan added that myibi included gamification to provide a fun way to recognise customers’ advancements and accreditations.

Kabir Choudry, SVP Global Field Technical Services and Customer Success told attendees that ibi has made a significant investment in Technical Account Management and announced ibi’s new Strategic Services, which provide customers with deep tech experts in AI, data science, IoT and Cloud. The launch of a new Customer Success Program and Customer Onboarding Program ensure our focus on driving adoption, renewal and overall business health of each and every ibi customer.

And talking about building community – we’ve facilitated more than 10,000 connections on the Summit app so far! 

You never really know what to expect when you host a virtual event. Will it be as good as the “real thing”? I can tell you this from behind the scenes – the passion and energy that went into producing Virtual Summit was equal to any traditional user conference we have ever done –and maybe even more so. The team worked tirelessly to ensure our customers and partners and friends of ibi would feel the love, and that everyone would leave knowing the mission, vision, and values of the new ibi.

Here’s how Frank summed things up: “We embed intelligence into everything. Your data is not single purpose. We know the importance of this in the enterprise. We’re on a mission to turn you into information builders.”


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