Powerful enterprise analytics and insights for Credit Unions.

Analytical data mart system (ADMS)


Plug into pre-built self-service analytics solutions designed exclusively for credit unions to drive strategic growth, member engagement, and cost efficiency across executive, finance, operations, lending, and marketing. With ADMS, you can be up and running in days, not months.

Turnkey solution


Leverage a platform that is integrated with your core and ancillary systems to collect, store, and analyze data across lending, cards, ACH, member touchpoints, operations, finance, and marketing.


Analytical Data Mart System for Credit Unions | Turnkey Solution

360-degree view


Make better business decisions by delivering consistent, aggregate information on loan and share growth, digital transaction trends, credit card metrics, and much more, across the entire organization.


Analytical Data Mart System (ADMS) | 360-degree view.

No-code development


Thousands of data elements are organized across key subject areas, such as accounts, branches, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loans, credit card payments, and more. Data dictionary, business views and metadata with easy-to-understand descriptions allow end users to build reports and visualizations using commonly understood terminology, and a no-code interface.


Analytical Data Mart System for Credit Unions | No-code development

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