A data-centric approach to digital transformation.

Data & analytics platform


Credit unions and banks depend on core and related support systems to run their business, with each one housing a tremendous amount of member/customer, financial and marketing data from which impactful insights can be distilled. Leveraging that data for analytics use can help business stakeholders do powerful things, such as strengthen member and customer relationships, improve marketing segmentation, reduce fraud, innovate service offerings and increase competitive advantage.


Actionable insights


Outperform global banks and tech giants with an insights-driven approach to growth. Allow team members to analyze business today and build goals for tomorrow, while monitoring and measuring progress in real-time. Track individual performance, establishing personal accountability for production and service, with metrics.


Data and Analytics Platform for Financial Services | Actionable Insights

Trusted view of all data


Easily access and retrieve data residing in core and ancillary systems, diverse databases, legacy applications, public and third party information and spreadsheets. Consolidate these diverse information subjects – members, products, transactions, historical information and marketing campaigns – to create a foundation that provides visibility and improves member experience across the business.


Data and Analytics Platform for Financial Services | Strengthen member and customer relationships.

Strengthen member and customer relationships


Harnessing data through advanced analytics provides credit unions and banks with the deep understanding they need to personalize interactions and enrich member and customer relationships. Armed with intelligence about member needs, preferences and behaviors, credit unions can customize interactions, products and services to build greater trust, satisfaction and loyalty.


Data and Analytics Platform for Financial Services | Strengthen member and customer relationships

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