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BGL customers and partners rely on secure, self-service data

BGL needed to ensure more effective, consistent, enterprise-wide use of internal management information and deliver data security to partners and customers.








ibi analytics platform; ibi data platform



A privately owned UK company founded in 1992, the BGL Group has grown to become one of the largest personal lines insurance brokers in the UK.


BGL Group undertook a strategic review of its management information (MI) strategies and systems, including the future demands these systems would experience. The review identified two key goals. The first was to improve information delivery to partners, customers, and users throughout its business. The second goal was to improve the efficiency of development requirements to support their initiatives.


Dr. Hasan Al-Madfai, associate director of Pricing and Insight at BGL Group, and his team decided that the company required a high-quality business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform to reach its goals. After reviewing the Gartner Magic Quadrant, BGL whittled down its list of BI vendors to two solution providers, both of which participated in a challenging onsite Proof of Concept.


BGL Group had four key goals for its BI platform: maximize data assets for all users; deliver management information more consistently and effectively; improve processes and strip out inefficiencies in information delivery; and deliver data securely beyond the firewall to partners and customers.


Dr. Al-Madfai commented, “It was important for our business intelligence platform to be able to bring a huge range of data sources together in one place. We wanted to include all information, from customer details to geospatial data and Google Maps applications. We also needed to maintain a high level of interactivity and customization with the reporting. The ibi analytics platform provided us with all of that, in addition to highly skilled support and consultation during the implementation process,” he added.


The ibi analytics platform helped the BGL Group empower customers and partners with self-service. This capability has improved customer relationships and given partners quick, efficient access to the information they need while also improving data security. “With secure portals and an authorization layer, we can deliver reports that avoid data duplication and provide our business and partners with a single version of the truth,” Al-Madfai commented.


Using portals and dashboards allows BGL Group to address data decay challenges, ensuring that executives, partners, and super users all have access to current information. Sharing information capital throughout the business – and with customers – makes a real impact on an organization’s bottom line. Working with BGL was an excellent opportunity for ibi to demonstrate the value of sharing information while mitigating the security issues that come with making data available.


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In ibi we’ve found a long-term partnership rather than a purely transactional relationship. The support and experience of working with their team has been very positive, and the system has already seen great feedback.”


Dr. Hasan Al-Madfai

Associate Director of Privacy and Insight

BGL Group

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