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City of Brampton simplifies IT operations with ibi Cloud

The City of Brampton needed to improve its IT processes, resolve data management issues, establish and ensure data quality, and create a single view into all IT activities.


Ontario, Canada






ibi data and analytics platform



Brampton, Ontario is a thriving suburban metropolis of 600,000 citizens and one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada.


For many years, the thriving suburban city of Brampton, Ontario has relied on integration and data integrity technologies from Information Builders, Inc. (ibi), a TIBCO company, to establish a comprehensive data management platform.


As part of its most recent initiative, the City needed to develop analytics assets to improve the programs and services that citizens depend on – from transportation to recreation to law enforcement. Specifically, it wanted to streamline access to accurate, reliable, and timely information by creating an integrated system that combined data from 100 disconnected applications and enable one view into all IT activities undertaken by each agency.


Until recently, the City hosted its software applications in Microsoft Azure Cloud. Today, ibi maintains its analytics and data management software within the AWS environment. Additionally, ibi Cloud supports many of the services available on AWS, including EC2, S3, Athena, Redshift, and auto-scaling. The result is a comprehensive, on-demand platform for analytics and data management – with less time, cost, and risk – and without the need to engage multiple vendors.


In addition, working with ibi Professional Services, the City’s business intelligence (BI) and integration team has used the ibi analytics platform to deliver analytics functionality to hundreds of employees in many operating divisions, including Enforcement and Bylaw Services, Transit, Recreation, and Fire.


According to Katherine Kulson, chief information officer, City of Brampton, becoming a data-driven organization hinges on the ability to make decisions informed by trusted, accurate data – which yields clear, actionable insights. “Our goal is to deliver exceptional digital services to reduce daily friction, empower the staff, and optimize productivity by digitizing our processes,” Kulson comments.


“ibi technology helps users discover new efficiencies, create self-service business processes, and ensure good digital governance. It also plays a critical role in our strategic priorities as we roll out key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards for all business units,” she continues. “Self-service is one of our guiding principles, and ibi supplies the technology to visualize data, improve data quality, and increase the accuracy of the information we depend on.”


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We can provide better service to our citizens now that we are maintaining more accurate data. Data processing activities that used to take up to a week are now accomplished immediately.”


Gustavo Espinosa

Team Leader

City of Brampton

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