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ibi’s data platform solves the most monumental problems for companies everywhere: how to organize, manage, and use your data.


Are you ready for a total data transformation?


Strategically organizing your company’s data is complex and nuanced – an overwhelming challenge for even savvy team members. The good news? We’ve got an intuitive and comprehensive solution that brings all your data together seamlessly so you can manage it most effectively.

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Data Preparation


Understand, blend, and cleanse your data. Connecting it all allows you to leverage the latest AI technology to identify issues, so you can streamline and automate the process. And we help non-technical users flexibly retrieve information from multiple sources – including databases, cloud and on-premises applications, unstructured data, offline files and spreadsheets.


Airtight prep builds trust in your data and your company’s ability to make correct, informed decisions.


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Data Integration


Modern data architecture requires seamless ingestion and transformation – so everything comes together in a single, powerful view. We integrate information from the widest variety of sources: real-time, batch, streaming, big data, structured and unstructured, cloud-based, social networks, mainframes, and machine-generated.


With true, modern, end-to-end integration, all your information is available at your fingertips. Now you can exploit its full potential (including change data capture functionality) to improve operations and increase internal intelligence across your organization over time.



Data Quality


Dirty data is worse than no data at all. Enriching the bad and corrupt, the invalid and incomplete, is essential. We make doing that simple. With prepackaged cleansing tools, data lineage insight, and dashboards, your data machine will be profiled and well-oiled – able to continuously track quality indicators and fix problems.


Simply put, the better your data, the better your business. Ensuring that your mission-critical data is of the highest quality allows your teams to make their strategic decisions with confidence.


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Data Management


Next-gen master data management (MDM) requires a rapid, iterative approach that is designed to gain a 360-degree view of your organization’s data. We’ve eliminated customer integration codes and replaced them with out-of-the-box components to offer a more complete and holistic perspective of what you expect to see: accurate, consistent information.


The fullest possible array of data allows you to identify business risks and opportunities more quickly.


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Data Governance


Sophisticated governed data enables flexible management of reference data across the organization. We make you effective stewards of your own data by putting in place centralized data collaboration, data lineage support, and a formalized glossary of accepted terms. It all instills an organization-wide trust in your data that leads to a truer understanding of your information value chain.


Organizational silos will be eliminated and access to information democratized – and that will accelerate data-based decision-making for everyone, while mitigating compliance risks.


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