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We help organizations get their complex and disconnected data in order so they can build, embed and automate intelligence in everything they do.

Leading technology innovation for 45 years

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1970s Launched FOCUS 4GL on time-sharing machines, with a vision toward self-service business intelligence
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1990s Advanced business intelligence through client/server architecture when middleware was king
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Today Leading the future of data and analytics by merging cloud, embedded analytics, AI, and data management
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1980s Anticipated the pivot to the personal computer by building an adapter factory to access virtually any data source
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2000s Created apps and new ways to explore data when mobile, cloud, search, and social media entered the conversation

Powering enterprises everywhere


ibi is everywhere. You may not always see us, but you’ll feel the difference. We’re in the very fabric of your data and intelligence, helping you to build the experiences you create for the people you serve.

We are dynamic

We empower future-facing leaders to automate decision-making through maximum visibility that comes from smoother processes and cleaner data. That is the de facto operating rhythm of tomorrow’s organization – and we help you build it.

We are innovative

Innovation begins with mastering your data and flows from there. We support companies that love data, that evolve and get better, that push boundaries to create maximum value every single day.

We are everywhere

Our technology is embedded across leading applications in countless industries, driving superior decision-making and extraordinary customer experiences. We’re changing the way industries think around the globe.

Building a hopeful future


We believe that building a better future starts with empowering the young learners who will be tomorrow’s leaders. We invest in programs that transform the world one student, one school, and one community at a time.

Community impact

We invest time and energy in communities around the world. Our employees volunteer at local charities and we support movements that are dedicated to empowering youth through service and education.

Mentorship programs

We believe in the power of one-to-one relationships to drive change. We match ibi employee-mentors with college students to help them gain skills that will give them a strong start to their career journey.

Academic alliances

We are helping future generations of data managers and analysts learn by providing free software and career opportunities to students studying those subjects.

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