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Federal agencies rely on data to do critical, complex, and challenging work across a diverse set of departments and sectors. All agency users must trust that their data is reliable, and be able to access it instantly and intuitively. Ibi partners with federal government agencies — including the Departments of Defense (DOD), Agriculture (USDA), Homeland Security (DHS), Justice (DOJ), and Treasury; Postal Service (USPS); and Social Security Administration (SSA) — to provide scalable, high-performance technologies that convert diverse information into actionable intelligence, available in a single, comprehensive environment.

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Increase transparency of governmental operations by rapidly and securely sharing information across departments and with citizens at scale.

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Promote productivity, transparency, and collaboration, by bringing data together and ensuring quality from a wide variety of siloed sources, purpose driven for consumption, planning, and strategic decision making; aligning objectives; and minimizing costs.

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Improve delivery and efficiencies of federal programs, like military logistics, health and safety inspections, and more, and fuel innovation with a scalable, intuitive, and flexible analytics platform that is engineered to achieve true digital transformation.

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Global crises lead to the evolution of technology; each iteration of any organization’s response plan is the sum of painful lessons on the significance of situational awareness.


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U.S. Transportation Command

2,500 Users
1.4 million Active military personnel supported
35 Sick and wounded service members moved daily
100% Patient visibility achieved during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom
475 Military hospitals and clinics in network (+ civilian hospitals)

The Challenge


USTRANSCOM is the lone manager of the global defense transportation system over air, land, and sea for the United States Armed Forces. When wounded or sick soldiers require immediate medical attention, it is crucial to quickly determine their condition and arrange transport to the proper treatment facility. USTRANSCOM was operating with two non-integrated logistics systems, which often caused delays in transport and treatment of wounded and sick soldiers.

When soldiers are wounded in battle, the military needs to be able to provide efficient medical transport in conjunction with real-time information and pinpoint accuracy. TRANSCOM analytics helps us provide advanced care for our troops.”


Lieutenant Colonel and Functional Program Manager

The Results

The USTRANSCOM Evacuation System (TRAC2ES) supported the troops during operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom — saving lives in the process — by providing 100% patient in-transit visibility for more than 73,000 patient movements. The system not only orchestrates patient-movement operations but also provides critical metrics related to patient safety.

Analytics foundation

Under the direction of project managers from Booz Allen Hamilton, ibi worked with the USTRANSCOM team to develop TRAC2ES, a new evacuation system built on the ibi analytics platform, to solve complex, logistical challenges in which speed is essential.

Real-time data visibility

The tech helps devise optimal patient-movement plans based on urgent medical needs, available facilities, in-transit visibility, and enterprise-wide cost and performance analytics. It supports patient movement from the battlefield to definitive care, and, when necessary, to rehabilitative hospitals, such as Walter Reed. TRAC2ES also tracks and coordinates patient information throughout the U.S. military’s worldwide network of healthcare facilities.

Seamless integration

TRAC2ES easily integrates with existing systems, combining transportation, logistics, and clinical data to manage patient-movement activities. To protect sensitive mission data and private medical information, the system enables data-level and role-based access depending on each user’s needs and requirements.

A winning system


The USTRANSCOM Evacuation System has also been instrumental in supporting other organizations, both in war and peacetime. For example, ibi’s technology has helped authorities move patients out of a hurricane’s path, as well as resolve logistical issues in other emergency situations.

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U.S Army

30,000 Users worldwide
1 million Daily web-page views
$3.7 billion 2020 Army training budget

The Challenge


An analysis of the Army’s training programs by The Rand Corporation highlighted several critical problems with the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) technology:. Most notable was the issue of registering and monitoring soldiers for training classes required highly skilled users. The staff maintaining the software spends considerable effort maintaining its many connections to older legacy systems. And the system didn’t capture and report data needed to evaluate the effectiveness of training and plan future programs and budgets.

ibi’s analytics platform offers a huge improvement over the previous system that delivered rigid reports with little or no drill-down capabilities.”


John Fraser
ASM Research, part of Accenture

The Results

Hundreds of mainframe-based reports, which had required meticulous coding to modify, have been replaced by the ibi platform. Users can explore multiple views of information and drill down to get the supporting details they need. “We don’t need an active training program to teach users how to run reports,” Fraser said. “Anybody who knows how to use the web, email, and Microsoft Office can quickly pick up ibi without training because it uses those tools to deliver information.”

Predictable metrics

ibi allowed each training center to predict attendance for classes and reduce last-minute cancelations due to insufficient registrations. Forecasting had been difficult because of the complex quota system that the Army uses to allocate seats among various organizations.

Data adaptability

“ibi is capable of integrating data from virtually any data source. That was a big factor in our decision to use it for this project. It was also one of the few tools that didn’t require extensive modifications to comply with DoD security rules. —John Fraser, president of ASM Research, part of Accenture

User flexibility

The ibi platform also allowed training providers who lacked security credentials to use and exchange information with certain parts of the system, in contrast to competing software that was only meant for internal users.

21st-century reporting


“Our developers quickly discovered that it would be difficult to find web-based reporting software that would meet their needs. They were discouraged… until they learned about ibi.”


– John Fraser, president of ASM Research, part of Accenture

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