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IBI’s DATA and analytics platform solves/answers one question: transform how your company thinks and organizes data.



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Are you ready for a data revolution?


Organizing your data can be a complex and nuanced undertaking. Many companies struggle with managing this data, bringing it together, deriving meaning from it, and generating business value. The good news? There is a way out.

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Data prep enables you to connect, cleanse, blend, and join data.


With flexibility to retrieve from multiple data sources (including databases, cloud and on-premise applications, unstructured data, offline files and spreadsheets), our data preparation methods leverage the latest machine learning methods.


Better data prep supports overall better decision making and trust across an organization. You know the data is good, and you can trust it.


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The challenge of combining data from different sources is both how to get it into a single, unified view and how to carry it through end to end.


IBI does x. After ingesting data, it’s critical to have the ability to clean, transform the data, blend and join in order to build modern data architectures.


This is much more than just the ETL of the 80s and 90s. (‘Extract Transform Load’). True , modern end-to-end integration can be embedded with analytics and accommodates the widest variety of sources, including real-time, batch, streaming, big data, structured and unstructured information, cloud-based sources, social network, and machine-generated data.


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Data Quality


Dirty data can literally be the downfall of a business.


It’s critical now more than ever to proactively find bad, corrupt, invalid or complete data and continually clean, profile, and enrich it before it becomes dirty. And don’t forget the dashboards and visualization tools needed to ensure your machine is well oiled.


Bottomline – The better your data, the better your business is run and managed. By view(ing), monitor, compare, and report on the quality of your mission-critical data, the better decisions your business and IT teams can make to create and build strategy.


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Next-gen data management requires a rapid, iterative approach to MDM.


It involves a collaborative process between business people and IT. It involves not starting from scratch. And it requires tools to collaboratively create models, manage data attributes, define rules for data quality, match/merge, and remediation.


By eliminating custom integration code and replacing it with straightforward assembly and configuration of off-the-shelf components, a true prepackaged MDM can be achieved.


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Governed data enables the ability to manage reference data across the organization.


Governed data enables the ability to manage reference data across the organization. In turn, your information value chain across your company is fully enabled – trust across the organization is supported and analytics can be realized.


True Data stewardship can accelerate data decision making through the democratization of data assets across the organization. Eliminate silos and be awesome.


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We are the tech behind the scenes. In the fabric of your data, intelligence, and the experiences you create for the people you serve.