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Unparalleled insight into the supply chain


So much can go wrong in any supply chain because of miscommunication, bad information, and slow data. With ibi you can mitigate these risks and identify issues before they happen, with end-to-end visibility into your supply chain and all its moving parts: order fulfillment, shipping and delivery tracking, and predictive analytics that increase future planning accuracy.

How we help

Transparent shipment and deliveries


Customers, partners, and workers can see shipments and deliveries in real-time, track their whereabouts, and get activity updates as they occur.

Proactive supply-chain management


Alleviate potential issues and mitigate risks in the supply chain – like bottlenecks, excess waste, and hidden costs – before they occur.

Predictive  performance


Identify patterns, predict demand, and accurately plan for the future with actionable data insights that optimize warehouse operations, customer churn, and the supply chain.

Lipari Foods

30,000 Stock-keeping units
200 New items added every week
150,000 Cases of product shipped daily

The Challenge


Joe Beydoun, Lipari’s director of supply chain management and business intelligence, was trying to figure out how to arrange items and choreograph movements in the new warehouse to maximize speed while minimizing breakage. The facility needed to store 30,000 distinct stock-keeping units (SKUs), add 200 new item types a week, and ship 150,000 cases of product each night. Then he thought about the heat maps used by sports teams to understand hitter or shooter tendencies. Could Lipari, Beydoun wondered, build a visual representation of its new warehouse that likewise showed areas of the most and least activity?

In a competitive business like ours, time is of the essence. The visual warehouse goes beyond the charts and graphs we were getting with our existing analytics, to give us an instant view of exactly what’s happening with our inventory.”


Joe Beydoun

Director of Supply Chain Management and Business Intelligence
Lipari Foods



The Results

Once the warehouse opened, Lipari was able to use the new system to more efficiently use its space and increase the productivity of its workers. Throughout the day, warehouse managers monitor key indicators, such as the hourly rate of items picked from shelves and average item travel time. The visual display helps to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the order in which items are picked and packed. And it informs optimal routing for forklift drivers.

Daily intelligence

Throughout the day, warehouse managers monitor key indicators, such as the hourly rate of items picked from shelves and average item travel time.

Real-time visualization

The visual display helps identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the order in which items are picked and packed. And it informs optimal routing for forklift drivers.

Advanced tracking

A three-dimensional graphic representation of the warehouse, with different colors indicating fast-moving and especially heavy items, improved visibility into daily situations.

The platform that changed the culture


“It’s a game-changer. We immediately see how inventory is moving, where damages are occurring, where wrong items have been placed, and the results of our warehouse management strategy.” — Joe Beydoun, Lipari Foods, director of supply chain management and business intelligence

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Take Me There

Sunset Transportation

Better insights for all users and clients with self-service analytics
In the cloud helping, clients to negotiate contracts, monitor shipments, and select the best carriers vendors
Cut costs and delays thanks to real-time decision-making capabilities

The Challenge


Modern-day logistics management and brokerage service companies such as Sunset Transportation need robust data and analytics to drive insights, decisions, and growth. When it became apparent that the firm’s existing Tableau environment lacked the enterprise capabilities it required to take client analytics to the next level, the St. Louis, Missouri-based company had to find a platform capable of growing at the same pace it was

We gave our incumbent vendor the opportunity to scale their use cases, but they couldn’t match the breadth of the ibi platform. Our previous solution certainly has a place here. However, it doesn’t have the capabilities we needed for scalable customer-facing and on-demand analytics.”


Todd Burdell

Director of Business Operations
Sunset Transportation


The Results

Working with ibi, Sunset created a new portal called LOGIK, a data warehouse, and ETL procedures to empower clients with self-service analytics capabilities, and then deployed the new software in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. The new portal combines order data, in-transit tracking information, and shipping metrics into a self-service environment that empowers clients to negotiate cost-effective contracts, monitor shipments, select the best carriers for each engagement, and make real-time decisions to keep shipping costs down.

The Portal

Internal users on the customer and sales teams use the portal to view KPIs and trend history, while the audit and payment teams ensure clients are being charged correctly.

Data Transparency

Clients have access to full shipment details to help them keep costs down.

Detailed Tracking Maps

Interactive maps enable users to easily monitor location details, costs, and commodity information.

Moving to the cloud so data can thrive

“Information Builders has established a cloud service within AWS that is customized and optimized for running WebFOCUS and related software. We could access all the pertinent directories and files from the AWS servers very easily.” – Todd Burdell, director of Business Operations, Sunset Transportation

Sunset Transportation Screenshot

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