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Foundational data and insights for banks


Stringent regulatory and insurance requirements mean banks must contend with many years and multiple terabytes of transactional data. The challenge is knowing how to translate all that data into meaningful insights. Banks that leverage strong data and analytics reduce costs and streamline processes while providing a more seamless and engaging customer experience.

How we help

Actionable insights


Powerful analytics, including data visualization, location analytics, machine learning, and enterprise search, provide deep insight into customers, products, channels, and operations.

Trusted data


Proactive data quality management solutions ensure the completeness, consistency, and accuracy of data across the enterprise. Businesses can easily access and retrieve data residing in core and ancillary systems, diverse databases, legacy applications, public and third-party information, and even spreadsheets.

Optimized customer experiences


Unified data and analytics platforms streamline and simplify customer experiences in sales, service, and fulfillment. Data-centered banks can also maximize customer relationships with more effective retention, cross-sell, and advisory services.


12.5 million Customers worldwide
1,024 Branches on the network requiring unified weekly sales reports from multiple systems
72,000 Hours per year of manual data entry time saved for personal banking and advisory team

The Challenge


Scotiabank was struggling to reconcile data housed in different systems and disparate branches. With all of the different systems and data entry points, the organization needed a way to quickly extract relevant information and put it in the hands of end users to help them make better business decisions. Scotiabank’s in-house reporting system, Sales Builder, supplied crucial information to sales officers working in the retail, corporate, wholesale, and investment banking lines of business. This manual process required sales officers to enter initial transactions as well as to correct the data as necessary, which led to discrepancies and incorrect commission calculations.

This was not just a technology project. It was about creating business value by making our employees more productive and more satisfied, so they can focus on what matters most: our customers.”


Mike Henry

Senior Vice President of Customer Experience and Distribution Strategy


The Results

A comprehensive sales reporting environment called Sales Builder captures
and integrates data from multiple banking systems. A complete 360-degree view of enterprise information increases banking productivity, accelerates the bank’s ability to open new channels, and improves the way sales officers reach out to customers, qualify leads, and cross-sell.

Better efficiency

ibi’s data integration platform helped Scotiabank obtain accurate commission information from 21 disparate systems and feed it into a centralised data mart. Automating this complex integration process permits sales officers at 1,024 branches to more easily generate weekly sales and commission reports.

Better cross-sell opportunities

New and improved reports further helped Scotiabank’s Customer Knowledge and Insights departments to reach out to customers and qualify leads in their contact management system, aligning each customer’s profile and product mix with the skill set of the correct sales officers.

Better accountability

The financial services industry is always under intense scrutiny for how it compensates sales professionals. Thanks to solutions from ibi, Scotiabank is an industry leader, with its focus on accountability, auditability, and fairness in its commissions, bonuses, and reporting practices.

Powered decision-making

Scotiabank now has a comprehensive sales reporting environment with automatic data feeds from a variety of financial product lines and multiple retail banking systems that deliver weekly sales reports to the bank’s 1,024 branches.

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27,000 BusinessObjects reports replaced with 10 applications
23 billion Transactions processed yearly
$2.5 million Saved by eliminating hard-copy financial statements

The Challenge


Worldpay offers a variety of payment services through point-of-sale software vendors, financial
institutions, value-added resellers, and independent sales organizations, which amounts to approximately $842 billion in payment volume. For an industry leader such as Worldpay, pricing customers is no small task. The company needed new reports, dashboards, and analytics capabilities to leverage its expanding big-data lake and related resources.

Big data has changed industry dynamics and opened up new opportunities for nimble companies that can store, process, and especially analyze payment data. It used to be prohibitively expensive to store tens of billions of transactions, and very time-consuming to process it all. For example, it might take an hour-and-a-half to process a hundred million records. With our current big data architecture, it takes less than 20 seconds.”


Sugit Unni

Senior Leader of Technology


The Results

The company has boosted its annual revenue from $8 million to $15 million by more intelligently pricing customers, saved $2.5 million by eliminating hard-copy financial statements, and replaced 27,000 BusinessObjects reports with 10 applications from the ibi data and analytics platform.

Improved pricing capabilities

Worldpay’s Data and Analysis Insights team uses the ibi analytics platform to visualize and populate domain-specific objects from a Hadoop data lake. It has lowered the cost of managing transaction data from more than $6,000 per terabyte to about $500 per terabyte.

Analytics Anywhere

Worldpay streamlined the delivery of its financial statements to customers by using an ibi feature called Analytics Anywhere. These highly interactive eStatements enable self-service capabilities, cut statement delivery costs, and help to retain and attract customers. Worldpay saved more than $2.5 million by eliminating hard-copy financial statements.

Merchant portal

Worldpay created a merchant portal that includes user-friendly dashboards, histograms, pie charts, reports, and applications using ibi solutions. Unlike traditional, rigid, tabular summaries and columnar reports, Worldpay facilitates self-service queries with thousands of permutations to help users at the point of decision.

Effective analytics

Within the main analytics portal, Worldpay developed individual “themes” for finance, sales and marketing, risk, and other business domains. The company also built an ibi-enabled security architecture, which governs who can see the data according to their roles within the organization. These moves have transformed a traditional reporting-based organization into a modern data analytics-based organization, both inside and outside the firewall.

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