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Ibi opens a universe of information that supports every financial services function and enables innovation that improves customer and member experience. Meet your commitments to all stakeholders – members, executives, finance, lending, operations, marketing and board of directors – with a better understanding of market, asset and deposit growth; marketing proficiency; risk tolerance; member behavior; and all related, critical information.

How we help

Powerful reporting


A consistent, central source of truth for all subjects, departments and users, allows you to build a robust metrics engine to assess the state of your business, monitor progress and establish a platform for accountability.

Enterprise analytics


Leverage pre-built, enterprise-class analytics with self-service for all authorized users so they can access a comprehensive combination of analytics and data management tools supplemented by AI and machine learning.

Maximize ROI


Lighten the load for analysts and other team members with integrated data management that has the best time-to-value in the industry, self-service and powerful authoring tools, and limited data warehouse dependency.

Our products

Data & analytics platform


For credit unions and banks seeking to accelerate their data and analytics initiatives across a broad set of core and ancillary systems, ibi provides a platform that adds immediate value to users through a reporting model, automated data load processes, a portal application and more.



Analytical data mart system (ADMS)


For credit unions, ibi offers a pre-built data and analytics solution that provides more than 120 out-of-the-box – yet customizable – use cases for finance, operations, lending, marketing and C-suite.



COVID-19 reporting


For credit unions looking to help members cope with the financial consequences of the current health crisis – income disruptions, increased expenses, even hospitalization – we offer a set of 30 dashboards and reports built specifically to support an effective response.



Sound Credit Union

3 Customized dashboards for key management functions
29 Branches on the network
7 Systems integrated into unified data warehouse

The Challenge


Sound Credit Union leaders regularly asked a series of seemingly straightforward questions as they manage growth for an eight-decade-old institution serving 120,000 members in the state of Washington: Will we have enough deposits to fund loans? Which card and lending products are being utilized in these extraordinary times? How do we re-deploy personnel to meet changing usage patterns while maintaining exemplary member service? The answers, though, were difficult to find because relevant information was spread among 7 systems that were designed more for processing transactions rather than business analysis.

With help from ibi, we are putting data at the center of everything we do. We are making better business decisions based on facts, not assumptions.”


Martin Walker

Digital Platform Ecosystem and Innovation Manager

Sound Credit Union

The Results

Sound Credit Union sought an analytics solution that would present managers with the accurate, timely and complete information they need to make smarter decisions quickly.

Business intelligence

Advanced business intelligence system features a central data warehouse that integrates data from the credit union’s seven systems.

Data visualization

Easy-to-customize-and-use dashboards with up-to-date information and dynamic visualizations—all without writing any code.

Multiple portals

The data solution features three portals customized for crucial functions: executive management, branch operations and lending. Each portal presents information about operations, portfolio, members, and transactions. And all enable data exploration and scenario modeling based on individuals security authorization.

Powered Decision-Making


Sound Credit Union now has the powerful capability to extract data from multiple varied systems and present that information in a form that speeds decision making.

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Spokane Teachers Credit Union

6,000 Unwieldy reports from previous software
220 Flexible reports that replaced them using ibi Analytics

The Challenge


The leaders of the credit union came to realize that they needed to be a lot smarter about using data in their marketing efforts. With membership ranks declining, they wanted to use finely targeted offers to both improve retention and attract new members. The old way with 6,000 separate reports clearly had to be modernized for an institution with fewer than 700 employees.

We had lots of data, but we lacked a 360-degree view of what each member really looks like.”


Reporting Analyst

Spokane Teachers Credit Union

The Results

The credit union’s 15 analysts and other power users now have much better tools to design precise marketing and retention campaigns. Advanced visualizations make it much easier to spot trends. And the ibi system presents a much more comprehensive view than the previous Sagent software ever did. Every night, moreover, the system identifies potential problems—accounts without signature cards, fees that need to be refunded, etc.—and automatically alerts the appropriate branch.

Smart design

The ibi solution was designed to extract data from STCU’s Finastra core account system, as well as additional software packages that it used for loan origination, payments processing, and financial controls.

Dynamic reports

Delivering critical information on marketing, member activity, and finances through 220 flexible reports.

Automated alerts

Every night, moreover, the system identifies potential problems – accounts without signature cards, fees that need to be refunded, etc. – and automatically alerts the appropriate branch.

Improved productivity


“Tracking down documents used to be a full-time job. Now staff just get a daily report to see which loans, applications, or new members they need to follow up on.” Larissa Boydston, Spokane Teachers Credit Union, Reporting Analyst

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