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University and college leaders are responsible for a lot: both running a business and ensuring superior learning. ibi’s higher education platform streamlines all of it, helping school executives achieve operational efficiency and maximize revenue, while tracking admissions, managing faculty, and improving student outcomes. Standing out from other institutions is hard, but with a seamless data and analytics platform that delivers real-time information across departments, building a stellar reputation is easier than ever.

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Ensure student success


Gain an in-depth understanding of your student body and faculty with real-time information and insights that track performance and enrollment, help proactively identify at-risk students, and plug in to any learning management system.

Complete view of financial performance


Drive better financial and operational performance with secure, role-based, self-service access to analytics. See any workforce, streamline compliance and regulatory reporting, and improve asset and facility allocation and usage.

Academic Alliance Program access


Facilitate real-life learning opportunities for students with the Academic Alliance Program, which teaches transferable data and analytics skills and sources job placement opportunities.

Colorado State University

15,000 Separate reports that were bogging down the university
100 ibi dashboards that replaced most of them

The Challenge


Colorado State University is a sprawling institution of 33,000 students, eight colleges, and four state agencies administered by the school. Over the years, its myriad departments and entities had spawned more than 15,000 separate reports generated by multiple systems that frequently produced conflicting information. The university recognized that it was time to create an analytics platform that would improve data quality, simplify reporting, and make information more easily available, inside the institution and out.

Even people who have a modest level of technical proficiency can get the data they need. When people come to meetings all the numbers are correct and consistent.”


Melissa Hein
Budget Analyst
Colorado State University

The Results

Most of the 15,000 freestanding reports have been replaced by 100 interactive apps that give university users flexible and powerful views of the data.

Consolidated reports

The approach has reduced both capital and operating expenses while improving productivity. For example, one analytics app enables administrators to study student success in terms of retention, graduation rates, and attrition, which allows for outcome-maximizing resource allocation.

Public access

The system allows the university to make more data available to the public. The admissions department, for instance, took advantage of this capability to create an interactive feature on the university website that allows prospective students to see up-to-date information about all of the available majors and programs.

Backend efficiency

At the same time, the cloud architecture for analytics improved performance and reduced the nightly processing demands on the university’s core systems by more than 30%. The load on the information processing staff has also been lessened.

Building toward the future


The solution gathers data from all existing systems and lays the groundwork for useful applications, e.g., predictive modelling.

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Texas A&M University-Commerce

400 University officials with self-service access to data
5 Hours of labor saved assembling daily enrollment report
86% Student satisfaction with low-cost online degree program

The Challenge


Texas A&M University-Commerce realized that it needed much more sophisticated tools to aggregate and analyze data in order to innovate, cut costs, and meet the state’s extensive reporting requirements. The 12,000-student school, which is a 90-minute drive northeast of Dallas, had an array of (often old) computer systems servicing different functions. Even preparing the daily report comparing current enrollment to the previous year took an analyst five hours in Excel. “Our data was hidden, disjointed, and siloed, making it hard to determine whether or not we were doing a good job meeting the goals we had set for our campus,” said Shonda Gibson, associate vice chancellor of academic affairs for The Texas A&M University System.

We’re not only data-driven; our data has made us a more insightful organization. ibi helps us to continually improve and to accomplish our mission, which is to serve students and help them to transform their lives.”


Shonda Gibson
Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Texas A&M University-Commerce

The Results

The information delivered by ibi is central to all of the core functions of the university, including recruiting, admissions, enrollment, performance evaluation, and graduation control. These insights enable it to respond creatively and effectively to the many and varied state mandates, including:

Lower-cost degrees

Texas A&M Commerce created an all-online program for students older than traditional college age. Using an approach called competency-based education, the program replaces traditional classes with modules dedicated to specific skills. The ibi analytics have helped match the program to the specific needs and backgrounds of each student

Increased graduation rates

By employing predictive analytics that can predict a student’s likelihood of graduation, freshmen are now required to live on campus with a meal plan, a change that significantly reduced the drop-out rate.

Marketable-skill development

To assess its compliance, Texas A&M Commerce developed a skill survey for seniors that it evaluates with ibi analytics apps. Insights about gaps in the skills learned and the students’ ability to describe them caused the university to create a working group to address the issue.

Serving 144 programs university-wide


ibi analytics platform allows Texas A&M Commerce the ability to collect and disseminate data from around the university.

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