Make your data work for you.


Enable insights across the organization — to anyone, at any time.

The ibi platform unleashes the power of data


Disconnected data. Tons of tools. As more information than ever flows through organizations, the obstacles to leverage it increase just as quickly.


What if everyone in your organization — all business and technical users — could access, analyze, and share data with one data and analytics platform? We make it simple to enable insights for all users in an organization, at any time, with seamless, easy-to-use solutions. Improve decision-making for all with tools that drive insights and supercharge collaboration at scale.

ibi Platform Overview

  • Access any data, from anywhere

  • Create one single source of truth

  • Build and manage insights any way you like

  • Leverage AI to discover, automate, and augment

  • Make any data or insight available across any platform

ibi Explore: a closer look

ibi Explore: a closer look


Data, data everywhere, but can your core business users access and use it?


ibi Explore is the most intuitive solution on the market for organizations that are trying to provide infinite data access to thousands of users within and potentially outside their organization.


  • Discover, explore, and integrate all the data sources within your organization
  • Spend more time analyzing data and generating insights than gathering and prepping the data
  • Collaborate instantly with others, or share your work via any BI tool and cloud platform of your choice
  • Rely on an easy user interface to do all your work. There’s no need for programming or technical expertise

How do teams in different departments use ibi Explore?



Business users can discover, explore, and prepare data with minimal IT support, so they can focus on what matters most.

Solutions for your teams

Sales teams

Access all of your sales data in one place so you can focus on driving pipeline and customer growth.


Learn more about how ibi Explore can help your sales team.


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Marketing teams

Bring multichannel data into one platform so you can segment customer data, optimize campaigns, and drive pipeline.


Learn more about how ibi Explore can help your marketing team.


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Finance teams

Spend less time on data access and preparation so you can spend more time on forecasts, P&Ls, and planning exercises.


Learn more about how ibi Explore can help your finance teams.


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Deploy ibi Explore quickly, any way you want


Running on ibi Cloud is the fastest, most efficient way to leverage ibi Explore to meet your organization’s goals. The ibi Cloud is purpose-built to drive business outcomes from data and analytics.


Choose a turnkey, fully managed service (single- or multi-tenant), or self-manage in a private cloud, leveraging our cloud-native technology built on industry-standard Kubernetes architecture.

Deploy ibi Explore

Want to give it a test run?


Request a live demo to dig in deeper. We’ll tailor it to any vertical, any use case. Just ask — there’s a lot more to see!


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