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In the insurance industry, companies must be agile, leveraging all kinds of data to optimize operations, build predictive models, reduce claims leakage, report on financials, and glean informative customer insights. Ibi’s insurance platform does all of this in one, allowing enterprises to access data and analytics at a high level, while drilling down to whatever they need, including risk analysis, network performance, claim analytics, and fraud detection.



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Customer-centric analytics


Gain a comprehensive view of household data to track everything from underwriting to upselling, and access predictive analytics that help prevent future churn and increase customer lifetime value.

Smarter analytics and insights


Leverage out-of-the-box reporting, automated AI, and machine learning-powered solutions to gain insight into claims, cycle times, risk, trends, and more, at both a summary and detail level.

Intelligent claim issue management


Integrate all data types, including telematics, geospatial layer data, and other internal information sources, to address claims issues. Elevate patterns of theft losses, escalate, or reassign claims, and refer to a special investigations unit as needed.

Gore Mutual Insurance

Faster Access to information from self-service analytics
Higher Returns from more sophisticated pricing
Improved Customer satisfaction from more personalized service

The Challenge


After an extensive upgrade to its technology infrastructure, leadership at Gore Mutual Insurance soon realized that the effort was doing little to achieve the carrier’s central goal: giving managers up-to-date information to help them make better decisions. The system they’d built was too hard for most executives at Canada’s oldest property and casualty insurer to use. “We only had a few superusers with the appropriate skill sets to manually generate reports,” said the vice president of business intelligence and analytics at Gore. “So other business users had to either rely on them for information or create their own Excel spreadsheets.”

Our users now make more informed decisions, providing limitless value to the organization. When they see a trend or a problem, they can take immediate corrective action.”


Vice President of Business Intelligence and Analytics

Gore Mutual Insurance

The Results

The self-service analytics capability of the new Gore system allows managers to get answers immediately instead of waiting days until a business intelligence unit analyst finds the time to develop a new report. “The business users are very, very pleased,” said the vice president of business intelligence and analytics. “They can not only see the data they need, there is a visual representation as well.” This has freed up the business intelligence team to develop more sophisticated analytics.


This democratization of analytics capabilities has improved efficiency and performance throughout the company. For example, Gore has been able to incorporate more (and more finely tuned) underwriting and loss information into the algorithms that it uses to set premiums. “The access to more granular detailed data has improved our pricing sophistication. And it has had a material impact on our ROI – more, quite candidly, than we expected.”

Self-service analytics

This capability of the new Gore system allows managers to get answers immediately instead of waiting days until a business intelligence unit analyst finds the time to develop a new report.

Pricing sophistication

Gore has been able to incorporate more (and more finely tuned) underwriting and loss information into the algorithms that it uses to set premiums.

Smart integration

Sophisticated tools integrate data from the company’s policy management system, as well as from other internal systems and external sources.

Building trust


The platform allowed the business intelligence unit to deploy easy-to-use dashboards and clear visualizations that managers throughout the company could access to manipulate and understand the information they needed most.

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Amerisure Mutual


2,600 End-users, including employees, independent agencies, and clients
400 Inflexible claims reports replaced
40 New powerful data views

The Challenge


Amerisure Mutual had done the hard work of moving terabytes of data from mainframe-based systems to a new Oracle database. Somehow, though, it still couldn’t get at the information it needed to sell and underwrite the business-oriented policies it specialized in. Users couldn’t get to the data on their own, and the department that handled writing reports had a two-year backlog. “Our data is very complex,” explained Doug Pontious, Amerisure’s business intelligence and data warehouse director. “We needed to create a framework that would enable us to harvest the intelligence that exists within that data and foster a culture that is more analytics based.”

The ibi platform addresses virtually every aspect of what we are trying to accomplish. They offer broad capabilities and high-quality solutions in every category. That gives us a lot of flexibility in how we construct and implement our infrastructure and make our vision a reality.”


Doug Pontious

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Director

Amerisure Mutual

The Results

The ibi platform addressed virtually every aspect of what Amerisure was trying to accomplish. New capabilities gave them a lot of flexibility in constructing and implementing the platform infrastructure that allowed them to deliver on their vision. The company also built an internal portal called “Analytics Center” that aggregates dashboards along with news and information to help employees learn how to use data better. After one department built a few particularly useful dashboards, people in other areas discovered them on the portal, which accelerated adoption more quickly throughout the company.

Streamlined reports

In the claims department, for example, 400 inflexible reports have been replaced by 40 much more powerful views. Users can adjust the parameters to their needs, creating more than 4,000 unique combinations.

Improved customer service

The company used ibi Analytics to empower its insurance agents to provide faster and better service to their customers. All of the analytics capabilities — for Amerisure employees, agents, and some customers — are supported by a sophisticated mobile interface that accesses relevant data and insights from anywhere.

A snapshot of the future

Now the company is exploring how its data can be used to build predictive models that will improve the precision of its underwriting and pricing.

Empowering users

“We realized the quickest way to get the most value was self-service. Fortunately, the ibi platform exceeded our expectations. People are creating really sophisticated dashboards, and that took the burden off our very limited staff.” — Doug Pontious, Amerisure Mutual, business intelligence and data warehouse director

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