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We are hundreds of employees working across the globe, all together as one toward a better, data-driven future.

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Our mission is to prepare companies for the future by turning them into information builders.

The ibi leadership team

Our team enables yours, by creating a foundation for your data and the future you wish to build.

Frank J. Vella

Chief Executive Officer

Frank Brunetti

Chief Financial Officer

Carol McNerney

Chief Marketing Officer

Brian Doheny

Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Channel

Dan Ortolani

Senior Vice President, Global Customer Support Services

Kabir Choudry

Senior Vice President, Global Field Technical Services and Customer Success

Eric Raab

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Susan Yun

Chief People Officer

Kenneth Dursht

Senior Vice President, General Counsel

The Founders: Gerald Cohen, Peter Mittelman, and Marty Slagowitz


Industry pioneers Gerry Cohen and Peter Mittelman shared a vision – of a new business intelligence (BI) product that would enable non-programmers to build their own reporting applications. While working for Mathematica as Vice President of Software, Gerry conceived of what would become the world’s first fourth-generation language (4GL). Certain that 4GL solutions could transform the technology landscape, he and Peter set up shop as Information Builders, Inc. in their hometown of New York, NY. Two months later, Marty Slagowitz, director of the NJ Education Computer Network, joined to spearhead early customer support, consulting, and education services.


The trio labored over the new product, dubbed FOCUS, which allowed computer users to manipulate database information with little training and using standard English. The necessity of writing COBOL programs to get reports became obsolete. By the end of 1987, Information Builders was among the three largest privately held software companies in the U.S. The rest is history.


The company remained founder-led until 2018, when Gerry Cohen (who served as CEO from the company’s inception) joined the Board and appointed Frank Vella as CEO.

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