Speed of Response in Transport & Logistics

How to avoid disruption in the Covid-19 era and beyond

The rapid emergence of Covid-19 has sped up industry disruption. Amidst the current crisis in the Transport and Logistics sector, nimble digital shipping start-ups are outpacing the industry’s incumbents, by building smart analytics solutions that use real-time data, machine learning and cloud-based apps that truck drivers or container ship operators can access on their smartphones.


These companies can move quickly and strategically to get in-demand goods to where they’re needed across alternative routes.In this era of significant change where supply and demand is fluctuating, traditional transport and logistics groups must be able to quickly anticipate and respond to a constantly shifting landscape of uncertainty by accessing real-time data and data monitoring solutions to avoid disruption. A failure to act now will allow tech savvy newcomers to hurt the incumbent firm’s profit margins before it even knows it’s in trouble.


The advent of technologies like 5G is a welcome ally to these traditional groups, allowing them to get data in real-time from the increasing range of IoT sensors in the field, which is necessary to enable smarter logistics.


In this webinar we will explore, how traditional organisations in the Transport and Logistics sector can avoid disruption by reacting quickly and overcoming increased competition from more agile digital start-ups, while exploring the role newer technologies like 5G has to play.

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