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AutoZone shifts into high gear with data and analytics

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AutoZone used portals, dashboards, and apps in the ibi analytics platform to create a flexible, adaptable analytics environment without burdening field workers.


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AutoZone is the leading retailer and distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the U.S., Mexico, and Brazil.

employees reap benefits of self-service reporting
vendors can manage and optimize inventory
1 million+
daily data requests with sub-second response times


Brick-and-mortar retailers need nimble information systems to compete with online competitors. Market-leading companies such as AutoZone depend on analytics to tighten their supply chains, automate in-store operations, improve merchandising activities, and predict market trends.


AutoZone has a long tradition of technical leadership and uses the ibi analytics platform to glean insights from data to help approximately 90,000 employees at more than 6,000 stores.


AutoZone attributes its success to its ability to provide customers with the right parts at the right prices. Each store carries extensive parts for cars, sport utility vehicles, vans, and light trucks. Many stores also have a commercial sales program that provides credit and prompt delivery of products to local, regional, and national repair garages, dealers, service stations, and other accounts. The company also has an active online presence.


Each store uses dashboards in the platform to access and drill into operational data. The department can control the data on the ibi analytics platform servers, while AutoZoners throughout the organization can help themselves to the information they need.


On an average day, ibi’s analytics platform typically handles more than one million requests for information, with sub-second response time, to its entire user community. One of AutoZone’s recent big data initiatives uses the ibi analytics platform to monitor its 12,500 delivery vehicles: sensors convey real-time information on each vehicle’s location and speed, among other metrics. Analyzing this information helps the company monitor drive habits and predict maintenance intervals. “We are identifying potential safety issues and other variables to help us minimize risk and optimize dispatching activities,” said the company’s IT manager.


Other analytics applications include sales performance and inventory tracking. AutoZone has also developed a self-service merchandising portal that enables 1,500 vendors to manage their inventory. Some vendors also use this portal to extract their supplier data and load it into their own information systems for processing.


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On an average Monday morning, the ibi analytics platform typically handles more than one million requests for information reliably and securely, with sub-second response time to our entire user community.”


IT Manager


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