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The Co-operative Bank provides accurate reporting across the UK

The Co-operative Bank needed to deliver timely, continuous data to 19 corporate business centers to support efficient, accurate business-decisions.





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The Co-operative Bank is a retail and commercial bank in the UK. Its customer-led Ethical Policy is part of its Articles of Association.

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manual reports are now automated
business centers have fast, accurate, easy-to-digest reports


The Co-operative Bank is known for its commitment to providing exceptional customer service and a unique, broad-ranging product portfolio. To maintain such high standards and ensure that all customers have the best possible experience with the company, the bank must have well-structured processes that run smoothly and efficiently.


It’s essential that all of the bank’s 19 regional corporate business centers, located across the UK, have continuous access to data to support decision-making on individual accounts and across the broader customer base. The ability to provide accurate reporting facilities, both ad hoc and application-based, is fundamental to the bank’s services to customers and departments within the organization.


The Co-operative Bank has been an Information Builders, Inc. (ibi) customer for more than 20 years, using ibi technology to create mainframe reports for faster turnaround time. However, the bank didn’t have an efficient distribution process. It decided to migrate to a web-based reporting tool.


The two methodologies the bank chose were web-based applications or ibi’s distribution tool, ReportCaster. The solutions have considerably reduced manual processing overheads and enabled developers to concentrate on producing business-critical information. Stephen Williams, business information manager at the Co-operative Bank, comments, “We chose the ibi analytics platform over a different solution because of its scheduling and distribution capability, which was critical for us.”


The ibi analytics platform has enabled reports to be delivered directly from the mainframe in real time, in a format that is simple for end users to understand. The solution also allows the reports to be distributed via email to key staff within the Co-operative Bank’s 19 business centers, giving them easy, consistent access to accurate, up-to-date information.


Generally, reporting falls into two categories: event-based alerts that require immediate attention and general management information. Many processes that took days now take minutes, and the new email format makes the information contained in the reports much clearer. Output in the department has increased dramatically, giving teams far greater opportunities to enhance the user experience.


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We are seeing a remarkable increase in response time against scheduled reports. About 230 reports that used to be run manually are now run automatically and shipped out to clients.”


Stephen Williams

Business Information Manager

The Co-operative Bank

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