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Healthcare is an ever-evolving field that requires professionals to rely on complex data to inform high-stakes decision-making. ibi makes it easier to leverage advanced data technologies to do this important work, with predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning combining to create a powerful healthcare analytics platform. We prepare organizations for rapid transformation on multiple fronts, from value-based care modeling to enhancing the digital patient experience. Because trust in data is paramount, we’ll work with you to build holistic and accurate information that drives action where it matters most.

How we help

Improved patient outcomes


Build a robust, human-centered platform with consolidated information and a comprehensive view of each patient to enable better decision-making at the point of care while improving patient safety and satisfaction.

Holistic analysis of data


Integrate disparate data sources from hospitals, physician practices, labs, insurers, and other stakeholders across the health ecosystem so you can efficiently analyze a wide range of variables at scale, from population health trends to administrative and financial operations data.

Value-chain collaboration


Work with all partners across the value chain – providers, healthcare networks, insurance companies, public health, and vendors – with real-time interoperability and content distribution for improved efficiencies and cost savings.

Our products

Omni-HealthData Platform


We manage and deliver value across the entire healthcare data value chain – onboarding, organizing, and operationalizing data on a single unified platform.



Omni-HealthData Insights


Leverage turnkey applications that illuminate essential healthcare metrics – so you can act on insights and share across across your entire organization.



Omni-HealthData Essentials


A fully managed cloud solution – with a single, trustworthy, and longitudinal view of patient information, enabling providers to deliver better quality care.



St. Luke's University Health Network

32 Data sources integrated into a single, consistent view of patient care, finances, human resources, and more
4 Months time from project start to initial deployment of quality dashboards to 15,000 providers
60 Analytics applications
315 Outpatient sites
10 Hospitals

The Challenge


St. Luke’s positions itself as the high-quality, low-cost provider in its region, but sprawling legacy information systems have made it difficult to deliver on that promise. Organization leaders determined that analytics – powered by up-to-date, accurate, and consistent data – would be critical to maintaining excellence system-wide, from quality care and patient satisfaction to financial stability and resource allocation. A data-driven view of the area’s population health needs could also help to increase market share through acquisitions, expansion, and marketing.

ibi enabled us to quickly build and deploy an environment that leverages data to boost performance, capture revenue, reduce costs, and compete more effectively with other regional health networks.”


Dan Foltz

Program Manager, Analytics and Data Warehouse

St. Luke’s University Health Network

The Results

St. Luke’s and ibi designed a comprehensive data integration plan that optimizes accuracy, completeness, reliability, and security of enterprise information. More than 60 applications were deployed throughout the organization.

Care quality

Evaluated care and costs by physician, practice, health condition, and many other factors.

Patient experience

Connected results of patient surveys to details of their care that drive satisfaction.

Network expansion

Analyzed regional healthcare needs in the context of the health system’s financial constraints to prioritize investment and acquisitions.

On a mission for better healthcare


The Omni-HealthData platform enables organizations to effectively manage and use information while providing insights that enhance the patient experience, improve population health, and comply with evolving regulatory requirements.

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Take Me There

Quinte Health Care

$10 million Reduction in annual operating cost
25% Reduction in recurring data requests
$2,800 Per patient Reimbursable costs discovered for COPD cases

The Challenge


When the administrators at Quinte Health Care, a four-hospital system in Southern Ontario, worked through the provincial government’s new reimbursement formula, they were faced with a daunting mandate: to reduce their previously $160 million operating budget by $10 million. Figuring out how to manage that shortfall would be a trial by fire for Quinte’s new analytics system. “We had no time to go underground and build a complex data model where no one would see results for two years,” recalled Peter Papadakos, Quinte’s director of decision support & analytics. “We had a month to prove that something was happening.”

ibi supports initiatives and projects throughout the organization that help us save millions of dollars, even as we improve the overall quality of care.”


Peter Papadakos

Director of Decision Support and Analytics
Quinte Health Care



The Results

Quinte saw improvements across many aspects of its operation, including:

Increased revenue

Analytics identified data that could be submitted to the government for increased reimbursement under the new formula

New opportunities

Quinte discovered that its smaller hospitals ordered fewer tests for COPD patients because they had more interaction with different physicians.

Operational gains

Rather than depending on central analytics staff, users can explore data to find exactly what they need. ibi allows basic users to build fairly complex reports and more advanced users to build sophisticated analytics and data mash-ups.

Analytics consolidation

By integrating analytics and building a data warehouse, cost, revenue, and treatment data could be overlaid with benchmark data from other hospitals in the province.

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