One patient. One view.

Omni-HealthData Essentials


Omni-HealthData Essentials offers an enterprise-class data, reporting, and analytics solution at a fraction of the usual cost and deployment time. Now, any healthcare organization can deliver on value-based care, unleashing the power of patient data to transform their organization, paying only for what they need and scaling when necessary. The cloud-based solution provides end-to-end data and analytics – from data gathering, preparation, quality, and governance to reporting, visualizations, and insights.


Drive better patient outcomes


A comprehensive and trustworthy longitudinal view of patients enables physicians and care teams to provide coordinated, proactive, and better-quality care. With visually appealing, easy-to-use analytics and reporting, Omni-HealthData Essentials drives higher adoption by physicians and other users.​

Focus on efficiency


Omni-HealthData Essentials’ complete cloud offering includes storage, hosting, and managed services, all running on AWS. Pre-built and standards-based metrics, reports, models, and rules ensure quick deployment and faster adoption.

Omni-HealthData Cloud Essentials | Focus on Efficiency

Decrease costs, gain flexibility


Our model ensures you only pay for what you need. Pre-built and standards-based data quality rules, models, reports, metrics, and analytics enable you to see value fast while continuously identifying waste and lowering costs.

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