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Omni-HealthData Insights


Omni-HealthData insights provides out-of-the-box applications, built on the Omni-HealthData platform, that serve a range of information needs and drive quality improvement, physician productivity, and consumer satisfaction. These applications provide macro views of healthcare organizations – Hospital System Performance, Hospital Patient Experience, Quality, and Patient Safety – with Physician Practice Management and Care Insights.


Simplicity and ease


The platform is specifically designed to be intuitive for those with or without data backgrounds. Users won’t worry about tool complexity or data preparation, instead they’ll quickly glean insights from only relevant data in real time.​

One-stop for performance metrics


All users, regardless of discipline and seniority level, can benefit from a consolidated one-stop data shop – a single source of truth that helps everyone track and meet organizational goals. Each user’s view can be customized with drillable dashboards to show the information relevant to them and specific areas of accountability. In addition, they can access performance metrics across the board; monitor populations; identify high-risk patient groups and gaps in care; and track quality, utilization, and costs.

Better quality of care


Built by health professionals for health professionals, Omni-HealthData Insights proves its business value by driving quality improvements, physician productivity, and patient satisfaction. Moreover, balanced scorecards, pre-built apps, and user-friendly reporting enable internal quality teams, departments, and service lines to improve processes, patient care, and access to additional patient details.

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