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Manufacturing in general contains many moving parts, making it difficult to sync across complex environments, ridiculous amounts of data, many employees, and multi-pronged processes. ibi enables data-driven manufacturing from start to finish, ensuring simple collaboration across roles, visibility into each stage of the process, and better quality control throughout.

How we help

Supply-chain operations


Get a 360-degree view of your entire supply chain — from sourcing to delivery — and manage it well, identifying and fixing problems proactively.

Warehouse management


Leverage powerful analytics from various data sources (including a WMS) to optimize your warehouse, its storage, the picking and packing process, staff productivity, and fulfillment efforts.

Operational excellence


Deploy analytics apps to drive customer-focused innovation. Minimize operations mistakes and maximize performance with real-time visibility and alerts to achieve better production results, such as perfect deliveries, loyal customers, and improved productivity.

Case Study


90 Production units in North America and Europe
3.4 million Tons of recycled fiber used in 2019

The Challenge


To meet its sustainability and economic targets, Cascades must manage the efficiency of its 90 facilities around the globe as well as its supply chain and distribution system. The first step: adopting SAP software to manage its planning and manufacturing operations. Then it needed to integrate data from both its legacy financial systems and an array of sensors that measure the status and environmental conditions of its thousands of industrial machines.

Plant managers can take action right away, rather than the next day or the next month. They also have a more accurate, real-time view of costs.”


Eric Mayrand

Software Development Manager


The Results

Cascades realized it needed data integration software to collect and standardize information from its plant sensors and other systems.

Better plant operations

Using ibi’s analytics platform, plant managers can see visual displays of production rates, stock levels, equipment malfunctions, and even the temperature and humidity at different points in a facility. This allows them to maximize efficiency, improve quality, and react instantly to problems that arise.

Improved company performance

With access to real-time data from the plant floors and financial systems, company executives can better forecast their procurement and shipping needs, reducing waste and delays throughout the supply chain. The upshot: higher profitability, more satisfied customers, and a smaller environmental impact.

Data integration & standardization


All information needed to be accurate and up-to-date to meet exacting targets.

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